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Loopmasters Darius Syrossian: Real House Collection 2 MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 23 May 2023 | 681.24 MB

Loopmasters 的“Darius Syrossian:Real House Collection 2”是来自业内最敬业的 DJ 和制作人之一的全新且必不可少的 House grooves 和泵送节奏精选。 借助 Loopmasters 最热门的新 House 版本,100% 免版税,让舞池一直活跃到凌晨!

在对音乐坚定不移的热情驱使下,Darius Syrossian 毕生致力于收集和分享最高品质的 House 和 Techno 唱片。 Darius 的知识和灵巧让他超越了几代人,在他演奏的任何地方都在舞池中营造出令人振奋的氛围,朴实而勤奋,拥有丰富的经验,可追溯到九十年代初。 作为一名选择者、制作人、唱片公司策展人和电台主持人,他对各种形式的好音乐的真诚热爱闪耀着光芒。 他的热情是无限的,与他保持俱乐部文化真正精神的决心相匹配。 作为一名电子音乐爱好者,Darius Syrossian 独树一帜,坚决拒绝追随潮流,开辟自己的道路,并带领一支多样化、忠诚的狂欢者队伍。

在工作室里,Darius 将对舞池的直觉理解融入了他的所有作品中。 在世界各地超过 20 年的演出,在此之前有几年作为一名成熟的狂欢者,这意味着他在创作和编曲音乐方面拥有丰富的第一手经验。 他本能地创造了在舞池中引起混乱的曲目,导致周围一些最受尊敬的唱片公司发行了大量唱片。 他们包括 Get Physical、Drumcode、Hot Creations、8Bit、Moon Harbour、We Are The Brave 和强大的 Defected,他的精神与他们非常一致。 Darius 和标志性唱片公司都是出于对 House、对节拍的热爱、对舞蹈的热爱而这样做。

Darius 将他自己的风格和方法带到了这个特殊的包中,超过 500 MB 的内容提供了大量深度和 Jackin’ House 的热门歌曲和循环 – 为您的作品提供多功能性和深度。 包含的音乐循环非常广泛,从经典的 Rhodes 和 Organs 到复古的 Arps,再到深沉的重低音。 该包专注于 127 BPM,非常适合 Deep House、Funky House、Tribal House、Progressive House 甚至 Detroit Techno – 无论您需要什么律动!

具体来说,预计会找到 527 MB 的内容,所有音频均以 24 位 44.1KHZ 录制。 有 25 个低音循环、25 个合成器循环、16 个鼓循环、16 个顶鼓循环、8 个打击乐循环和 7 个键循环。 一次击打是 47 次击鼓、40 次击打、24 种乐器、15 次贝斯击打、3 次效果和 3 次人声。 您还会找到 1 个 Bass Multi、41 个软采样器 Patch(用于 Kontakt、EXS24/采样器、NNXT 和 SFZ)和 56 个 MIDI 文件。


• 25 个低音循环
• 25 个合成循环
• 16 个鼓循环
• 16 个顶鼓循环
• 8 个打击乐循环
• 7 键循环
• 47 首击鼓
• 40 Percs
• 24 种乐器
• 15 首贝斯曲目
• 3 外汇
• 3 人声
• 1 低音复合
• 41 个软采样器补丁
• 56 个 MIDI 文件


‘Darius Syrossian: Real House Collection 2′ by Loopmasters is a brand new and essential selection of House grooves and pumping rhythms from one of the industries most dedicated DJs and producers. Keep the dancefloor bouncing into the early hours with Loopmasters hottest new House release, 100% royalty free!

Driven by an unwavering passion for music, Darius Syrossian has dedicated his life to collecting and sharing the highest quality House and Techno records. Unpretentious and hard working with a wealth of experience dating back to the early nineties, Darius’ knowledge and dexterity allows him to transcend generations cultivating an electrifying atmosphere on the dancefloor everywhere he plays. As a selector, producer, label curator and radio host his genuine love for good music in all its forms shines through. His enthusiasm is limitless, matched only by his determination to keep the true spirit of club culture alive. An electronic music aficionado, Darius Syrossian stands in a class of his own, staunchly refusing to follow trends, carving out his own path and bringing along a diverse, devoted army of ravers with him.

In the studio Darius channels an intuitive understanding of the dancefloor into all of his productions. Over 20 years of gigs all over the world, preceded by several years as a fully fledged raver, mean that his approach to writing and arranging music in informed by a wealth of first-hand experience. His ability to create tracks that cause pandemonium on the dancefloor is instinctive, resulting in a plethora of releases on some of the most respected labels around. They include Get Physical, Drumcode, Hot Creations, 8Bit, Moon Harbour, We Are The Brave and the mighty Defected, with whom his ethos is strongly aligned. Both Darius and the iconic record label do it for the love of House, for the love of beats, for the love of dance.

Darius brings his own flavour and approach to this particular pack, with over 500 MB of content offering a host of deep and Jackin’ House hits and loops – giving you versatility and depth to your productions. The included music loops are hugely expansive, from classic Rhodes and Organs to vintage Arps to deep-down heavy sub bass. Focused at 127 BPM, the pack is optimally suited to Deep House, Funky House, Tribal House, Progressive House or even Detroit Techno – wherever you need a groove!

In detail, expect to find 527 MB of content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 25 bass loops, 25 synth loops, 16 drum loops, 16 top drum loops, 8 percussion loops and 7 keys loops. One-shots are 47 drum hits, 40 percs, 24 instruments, 15 bass hits, 3 FX and 3 vocals. You’ll also find 1 Bass Multi, 41 Soft Sampler Patches (for Kontakt, EXS24/Sampler, NNXT and SFZ) and 56 MIDI Files.

Product Details:

• 25 Bass Loops
• 25 Synth Loops
• 16 Drum Loops
• 16 Top Drum Loops
• 8 Percussion Loops
• 7 Keys Loops
• 47 Drum Hits
• 40 Percs
• 24 Instruments
• 15 Bass Hits
• 3 Fx
• 3 Vocals
• 1 Bass Multi
• 41 Soft Sampler Patches
• 56 MIDI Files

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