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Loopmasters Crimson Child: Sounds Of The Eleventh Hour MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 05 June 2023 | 950.63 MB

Loopmasters 很自豪地展示第十一小时的声音! 这个包来自迅速崛起的实验电子乐制作人 Crimson Child,其中包含他完美的首张 LP 中的声音,全部 100% 免版税。

Yashar Tafazoli,更广为人知的名字是 Crimson Child,是一位来自加拿大温哥华的艺术家/制作人,他擅长将故事、非正统的旋律和黑暗的电子底色融合成一个精彩的组合,一定会让你感动,也 作为感觉。

Yashar 出生于 2001 年,从四岁开始接受钢琴、鼓和爵士乐的古典音乐训练,一直在努力建立一种以其对电子音乐的独特诠释而闻名的声音。 他特别努力将各种常见的和更晦涩的乐器与一种数字音景和纹理结合起来,以表现出他称之为“古典当代电子”的 EDM 更加多维和丰富的表达。

他的音乐得到了 Boombox Cartel、Rusko 和 Ookay 等电子音乐界一些主要重量级人物的支持。 随着他的首张 EP“Unmasked”于 2019 年 6 月推出,Crimson Child 首次推出了他独特的现场演出,将他标志性的情感曲目与现场小军鼓的力量和原创人声融合在一起,由 Yashar 在 阶段。

进入 2020 年,Crimson Child 准备推出他的首张录音室专辑“Eleventh Hour LP”。 将弦乐、合唱团、钢琴和吉他等现场元素以及 Yashar 自己的主打歌声带入他的作品之前广为人知的电子领域,准备一张不同于您以前听过的任何专辑。

该合集包含从专辑中提取的超过 800 MB 的声音,制作精美,并准备好放入您的下一个工作室会话中以立即获得灵感。 Crimson Child 的多变风格在这里得到了充分展示,重量级的贝司、有力的底鼓和圆润的小军鼓与华丽的钢琴作品、巨大的无人机和空灵的主音形成鲜明对比,为您的样本库带来了一些完全与众不同的东西。

在 90-172bpm 之间播放循环,使这个系列非常适合 techno、dubstep、EDM、drum & bass、downtempo 和您正在使用的任何其他电子风格!

具体来说,预计会找到 836 MB 的内容,所有音频均以 24 位 44.1KHZ 录制。 有 42 个低音循环、12 个合成器循环、10 个鼓构建循环、9 个鼓循环、9 个钢琴循环和 7 个鼓填充。 一枪是 119 鼓命中,85 Percs,60 Sweep Fx,40 Drones,39 Fx,25 Impacts,19 Bass Hits,17 Instrument Hits,9 Bass Phrases 和 5 Vocal Phrases。 您还会找到 79 个用于 Kontakt、EXS24/Sampler、NNXT 和 SFZ 的 Soft Sampler Patch。


• 42 个低音循环
• 12 个合成循环
• 10 个鼓构建循环
• 9 个鼓循环
• 9 个钢琴循环
• 7 鼓填充
• 119 首击鼓
• 85 Percs
• 60 扫描 Fx
• 40 架无人机
• 39 外汇
• 25 次影响
• 19 首贝斯曲目
• 17 种乐器命中
• 9 个低音短语
• 5 个声乐短语
• 79 个软采样器补丁


Loopmasters are proud to present Sounds of the Eleventh Hour! This pack comes from the rapidly rising experimental electronica producer Crimson Child, packed with sounds from his immaculate debut LP, all delivered 100% royalty free.

Yashar Tafazoli, better known as Crimson Child, is an artist/producer based out of Vancouver, Canada with a unique flare for blending stories, unorthodox melodies, and dark electronic undertones all into one brilliant package that is sure to make you move, as well as feel.

Born in 2001 and classically trained on piano, drums and jazz music from the age of four, Yashar has been working hard to establish a sound known for its unique take on electronic music. He specifically strives to combine various common and more obscure instruments with one of a kind, digital soundscapes and textures, in order to manifest a more multi-dimensional and rich expression of EDM which he has dubbed as “classical contemporary electronic.”

His music has been supported by some major heavy hitters in the electronic music scene such as Boombox Cartel, Rusko, and Ookay. With the launch of his debut EP “Unmasked” in June of 2019, Crimson Child unveiled his unique live sets for the first time, which blend his signature emotional tracks with the power of a live snare drum and original vocals, performed live by Yashar on stage.

Going into 2020, Crimson Child ramped up towards his debut studio album, the ‘Eleventh Hour LP.’ Bringing live elements such as strings, choir, piano, and guitar — as well as Yashar’s own topline vocals into the electronic realm his work has previously been known for, prepare for an album unlike anything you’ve heard before.

This collection contains over 800 MB worth of sounds taken from the album, beautifully produced and ready to drop into your next studio session for instant inspiration. Crimson Child’s varied style is fully on display here, with heavyweight basses, punchy kicks and phat snares being contrasted against gorgeous piano work, massive drones and ethereal leads to bring something totally distinctive to your sample library.

Loops within play between 90-172bpm, making this collection perfect for techno, dubstep, EDM, drum & bass, downtempo and any other electronic styles you’re working with!

In detail, expect to find 836 MB of content with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 42 Bass Loops, 12 Synth Loops, 10 Drum Build Loops, 9 Drum Loops, 9 Piano Loops and 7 Drum Fills. One-shots are 119 Drum Hits, 85 Percs, 60 Sweep Fx, 40 Drones, 39 Fx, 25 Impacts, 19 Bass Hits, 17 Instrument Hits, 9 Bass Phrases and 5 Vocal Phrases. You’ll also find 79 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, EXS24/Sampler, NNXT and SFZ.

Product Details:

• 42 Bass Loops
• 12 Synth Loops
• 10 Drum Build Loops
• 9 Drum Loops
• 9 Piano Loops
• 7 Drum Fills
• 119 Drum Hits
• 85 Percs
• 60 Sweep Fx
• 40 Drones
• 39 Fx
• 25 Impacts
• 19 Bass Hits
• 17 Instrument Hits
• 9 Bass Phrases
• 5 Vocal Phrases
• 79 Soft Sampler Patches

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