Kick底鼓设计课程 – Ableton Live 11: Sound Design Session I – Kicks TUTORiAL

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在德国柏林担任 Native Instruments 的声音设计师时,我认为是时候将我学到的东西传授给其他人了。


我将创建一个完整的声音设计课程,涵盖各种声音的创建,在 Skillshare 上为您带来最全面的声音设计和制作技术手册。军鼓、鼓循环、合成器、钢琴、贝司,应有尽有。


与其给您上一堂关于“如何使用 Ableton Live”的理论课,我将向您展示最优秀的制作人实际上是如何制作声音的!


立即从关于如何使用 Live 的 Vocoder 插件踢球的第一课开始!



Welcome to my “Sound Design Session” Series.

Working as a Sound Designer for Native Instruments in Berlin, Germany, I thought it was finally time to pass on to others what I had learned.

Sharing Industry Secrets
The best producers aren’t making production tutorials, they are too busy making music. That’s why there are so many tutorials where the sounds being created are just not up to pro level standard. I came here to change that.

I’ll create a complete Sound Design course, covering the creation of all kinds of sounds to bring you the most comprehensive manual on sound design and production techniques here on Skillshare. Snares, drum loops, synths, pianos, basses, everything.

The courses are designed in a way which allows anyone to learn these sound design techniques, from beginner to professional, with a gradually increasing level of complexity from lesson to lesson. You’ll make new sounds using different techniques in each lesson, some of which are even industry secrets of some of the most reputable producers in the world right now.

Instead of giving you a theory lesson on “how to use Ableton Live”, I’ll show you how the best producers actually make their sounds!

This is Part I: Kicks
I’ll start with the basics, so the first couple of lessons are all about drums, starting with kick drums. How to create and process them, how to deal with weak sounding kicks, resampling techniques, different plugins for bass drum creation and much more.

Start with the first lesson about how to make a kick using Live’s Vocoder plugin right now!


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