inMusic Brands BFD Sleishman Drums (BFD3)

P2P | 28 June 2022 | 1.12 GB

BFD3、BFD Eco 和 BFD2 的扩展
20″ 底鼓、10″、12″ 和 14″ 嗵鼓
减少细节的 Sleishman 军鼓
额外的嗵鼓关节(仅限 BFD3 和 BFD2)

BFD Sleishman Drums 是 BFD3、BFD Eco 和 BFD2 的扩展,具有 Sleishman 自由浮动鼓。

Sleishman 的鼓壳悬挂系统无需与凸耳和其他硬件进行任何物理接触,具有专利的调音系统可保持两个鼓面精确调准,从而产生独特的声音、延音和动态范围。

BFD Sleishman Drums 配备 Maple Classic 套件和一个额外的减少细节的 14″ 枫木军鼓,使用棍棒和棒演奏(来自 BFD Sleishman Snares)。底鼓被调整为有力而紧凑,并使用毛毡和橡胶搅拌器录制。随附的 3 个嗵鼓具有惊人的自然延音,并提供额外的鼓边击球和鼓边咔嗒声(仅限 BFD3/BFD2)。

最低要求:Windows 10 版本 1909 及更高版本、OSX 10.12 及更高版本(适用于 Mac)、BFD3 版本 3.4 及更高版本。用于产品下载的 Internet 连接

这是来自 inMusic Brands 的更新库。安装程序是原始的,除了更改其中一个文件中的序列号以稍后绕过库激活

启动 BFD3,转到工具 – 设置内容位置选项卡
按搜索文件夹按钮并指定安装了 BFD Sleishman Drums 库的文件夹


Sleishman Drums
Expansion for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2
20″ kick, 10″, 12″ and 14″ toms
Reduced-detail Sleishman snare
Extra tom articulations (BFD3 and BFD2 only)

BFD Sleishman Drums is an expansion for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2 featuring Sleishman free-floating drums.

Sleishman’s system of suspending the drum shell without any physical contact with lugs and other hardware with a patented tuning system keeping both heads precisely in tune results in unique sound, sustain and dynamic range.

BFD Sleishman Drums features a Maple Classic kit and a bonus reduced-detail 14″ maple snare played with both sticks and rods (from BFD Sleishman Snares). The kick is tuned to be punchy and tight and is recorded with felt and rubber beaters. The 3 included toms possess stunning natural sustain and are provided with additional rim shot and rim click articulations (BFD3/BFD2 only).

Minimum Requirements: Windows 10 version 1909 and above, OSX 10.12 and above for Mac, BFD3 version 3.4 and above. Internet connection for product download

This is an updated library from inMusic Brands. The installer is original, with the exception of changing the serial number in one of the files to bypass the library activation later

Install the library
Launch BFD3, go to the Tools – Set up content locations tab
Press the Search Folder button and specify the folder with the installed BFD Sleishman Drums library

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