inMusic Brands BFD Percussion (BFD3)

P2P | 28 June 2022 | 3.6 GB

BFD3、BFD Eco 和 BFD2 的扩展
26 GB 充满活力、细节丰富的打击乐

BFD Percussion 为您的 BFD3、BFD Eco 或 BFD2 安装添加了一套广泛的详细打击乐器。


包括康加鼓、邦戈鼓、timbales、djembes、darbukas、udu、ashiko、bodhran、编钟、三角形、振动器和手鼓以及深奥的效果声音,如雷电、水听器和弓形锣。怪诞美丽的垃圾打击乐系列包括垃圾桶、锯片、平底锅和其他有趣的家居用品。事实上,BFD Percussion 确实包含厨房水槽 – 采用完整的多采样、多关节形式!

BFD Percussion 的制作环境与 BFD Jazz & Funk Collection 和 BFD3 中的 Mapleworks 套件类似。 BFD Percussion 具有紧凑而集中的室内声音和高端录音链,完美地捕捉了这些不拘一格的乐器的郁郁葱葱的氛围和表现力的深度,非常适合用于所有风格的音乐。该系列还附带一套额外的打击乐 Groove 表演。

最低要求:Windows 10 版本 1909 及更高版本、OSX 10.12 及更高版本(适用于 Mac)、BFD3 版本 3.4 及更高版本。用于产品下载的 Internet 连接

这是来自 inMusic Brands 的更新库。安装程序是原始的,除了更改其中一个文件中的序列号以稍后绕过库激活

启动 BFD3,转到工具 – 设置内容位置选项卡
按 Search Folder 按钮并指定安装了 BFD Percussion 库的文件夹


Expansion for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2
26 GB of vibrant, detailed percussion
Latin and world percussion
Junk percussion and household objects
Bells, blocks, tambourines and chimes
Esoteric waterphones and bowed gongs
Groove sets included

BFD Percussion adds an extensive suite of detailed percussion instruments to your BFD3, BFD Eco or BFD2 installation.

Its sounds cover latin, world and kit-centric percussion as well as outlandishly strange junk percussion and kitchenware.

Included are congas, bongos, timbales, djembes, darbukas, udu, ashiko, bodhran, chimes, triangles, shakers and tambourines alongside esoteric effect sounds like thundersheets, waterphones and bowed gongs. The grotesquely beautiful junk percussion range includes trashcans, saw blades, saucepans and other intriguing household objects. In fact, BFD Percussion literally contains the kitchen sink – in full multi-sampled, multi-articulated form!

BFD Percussion is produced in a similar setting to BFD Jazz & Funk Collection and the Mapleworks kits in BFD3. With a tight and focused room sound and a high-end recording chain, BFD Percussion perfectly captures the lush ambience and expressive depth of these eclectic instruments and is perfect for use in all styles of music. The collection also comes with a bonus set of percussion Groove performances.

Minimum Requirements: Windows 10 version 1909 and above, OSX 10.12 and above for Mac, BFD3 version 3.4 and above. Internet connection for product download

This is an updated library from inMusic Brands. The installer is original, with the exception of changing the serial number in one of the files to bypass the library activation later

Install the library
Launch BFD3, go to the Tools – Set up content locations tab
Press the Search Folder button and specify the folder with the installed BFD Percussion library

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