inMusic Brands BFD Modern Drummer Snare Selects (BFD3)

P2P | 28 June 2022 | 6.12 GB

BFD3、BFD Eco 和 BFD2 的扩展
Modern Drummer 杂志精选的 12 个军鼓


BFD Modern Drummer Snare Selects 是一个扩展,为您的 BFD3、BFD Eco 和 BFD2 安装提供 12 个高级和精品小军鼓。

随附的军鼓均被 Modern Drummer 杂志授予“本月最佳军鼓”称号,代表了当今一些最前沿的金属和木质外壳设计。以富有表现力的细节水平录制,这些乐器都提供了军鼓版本,以及带有刷子、棒、手和军鼓关闭的选定替代声音。

在 BFD3 和 BFD2 中使用时,可以使用额外的“边缘咔嗒”关节以及用于电子鼓位置感应的“半边缘”关节。


这是来自 inMusic Brands 的更新库。安装程序是原始的,除了更改其中一个文件中的序列号以稍后绕过库激活

启动 BFD3,转到工具 – 设置内容位置选项卡
按搜索文件夹按钮并指定安装了 BFD Modern Drummer Snare Selects 库的文件夹


Modern Drummer Snare Selects
Expansion for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2
12 snares selected by Modern Drummer magazine
Multiple articulations including rim-clicks
Selected alternate versions with brushes, rods, hands and snares off

BFD Modern Drummer Snare Selects is an expansion providing 12 premium and boutique snares for your BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2 installation.

The included snares were all awarded ‘Snare Drum of the Month’ status by Modern Drummer magazine and represent some of today’s most cutting-edge metal and wood shell designs. Recorded with expressive detail levels, the instruments are all provided in snares-on versions along with selected alternate sounds with brushes, rods, hands and with snares off.

When used in BFD3 and BFD2, an additional ‘rim click’ articulation is available as well as a ‘half-edge’ articulation for use with electronic drum positional sensing.

This is an updated library from inMusic Brands. The installer is original, with the exception of changing the serial number in one of the files to bypass the library activation later

Install the library
Launch BFD3, go to the Tools – Set up content locations tab
Press the Search Folder button and specify the folder with the installed BFD Modern Drummer Snare Selects library

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