Hybrid Trap编曲教程 – Sonic Academy How To Make Hybrid Trap with Haterade TUTORiAL

P2P | 27 November 2021 | 1.53 GB

本周,我们欢迎 Haterade 回归他的第一个完整的“如何制作”课程,在那里他从头开始构建了一个令人敬畏的黑暗和威胁的混合陷阱曲调。

在从前奏到后奏的整个音轨中,我们构建了巨大的有影响力的鼓、ANA 2 中的分层合成器线、加强了贝斯线并在进入最重要的下降之前创建了一个与众不同的构建。 我们随着曲目的发展而添加变化,并加快节奏,在混音和母带制作之前为第二次下降添加心理恍惚元素。

如果您想制作 Bass Music,那么这是一个必须观看的近三个小时的教程,其中包含大量提示和技巧来获得砰砰声。



This week we welcome back Haterade with his first full ‘How To Make’ course, where he builds an awesome dark and menacing Hybrid Trap tune from scratch.

Working through the track from intro to outro we build huge impactful drums, layered synth lines in ANA 2, beefed up basslines and create a build-up like no other before moving on to the all-important drop. We add variation as the track evolves and pick up the pace adding a psy trance element for the second drop before mixing and mastering.

If you’re looking to make Bass Music then this is a must-watch with nearly three hours of tutorials filled with a ton of tips and tricks to get that slammin’ sound.

Check it.

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