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FANTASTiC | 13 March 2022 | 1.67 GB

从第 1 部分继续,这组教程旨在带您从 Loopcloud 和歌曲编曲的基本知识到更高水平的理解,使您能够制作自己的优质 House 音乐。

从上一门课程停止的地方开始,高级导师 Rob Jones 开始深入了解基本安排并讨论如何将其提升到一个新的水平,解释预期和释放等概念,以及如何不同效果可用于美化安排、改进整体结构的定义和管理预期。然后制定了一系列关于如何进行的目标。

随后的课程将展示如何使用 Loopcloud 添加必要的组件,或者通过搜索和预览现成的循环,从带有工厂预设的 oneshot 创建自定义循环,或者从头开始制作完全独特的模式。随着鼓填充物的添加,以及各种类型的冲击和立管,技术的复杂性增加。

在课程结束时,您不仅会彻底掌握制作引人入胜的 House 编排的要素,还可以了解如何使用 Loopcloud 快速轻松地制作必要的 FX 层来实现它。

注册后,您可以立即访问超过 2 小时的教程,以及课程中的所有 Loopcloud 预设,以及来自 Loopmasters 的 House 样本奖励包。



模块 1 – 回顾和安排概述
Rob 从第 1 部分中断的地方开始,回顾了目前的安排,讨论了最强和最弱的方面,并讨论了改进开发和流程的后续步骤。

模块 2 – 添加鼓填充循环
看看如何使用 Loopcloud 添加一个简单的鼓填充,作为主要下降的前奏。

模块 3 – 创建影响第 1 部分
如何在 Loopcloud 中制作影响 FX 的指南,从简单的混响效果开始,然后通过制作自定义的“假”延迟来获得更高级的效果。
第 1 课 – 混响效果
第 2 课 – “假”延迟影响

模块 4 – 创建立管第 1 部分
一堂课,看看是什么造就了立管,并提供了如何在 DAW 和 Loopcloud 中使用项目中已有的声音来创建它们的示例。

模块 5 – 添加品种和开发零件
Rob 深入研究了 Loopcloud,展示了如何将现有的循环模式扩展为更渐进的循环模式,以创建可以发展的部分并为安排添加更多变化。

模块 6 – “现场”和过渡 FX
额外的 FX 层以“点”混响的形式添加到布置中,有助于在下降的中间创造额外的有冲击力的氛围,以及噪声过渡 FX,这是一个组合冲击/立管,构建然后下降到平滑跨越歌曲部分之间的桥梁。
第 1 课 – 打击乐“现场”效果
第 2 课 – 噪声过渡效果

第 7 单元 – 创建提升器第 2 部分 – 军鼓提升器
最后一课展示了如何在 Loopcloud 中制作经典的军鼓立管,帮助在主要故障结束时建立能量和张力。


Continuing on from Part 1, this set of tutorials aims to take you from a basic knowledge of Loopcloud and song arranging to a much improved level of understanding, empowering you to produce quality House music of your own.

Picking up from where the last course left off, senior tutor Rob Jones starts the ball rolling with an in depth look at the basic arrangement and a discussion about how to take it to the next level, explaining concepts like anticipation and release, and how different effects can be used to embellish the arrangement, improve definition in the overall structure and manage expectations. A set of goals for how to proceed is then laid out.

The subsequent lessons then show how to use Loopcloud to add the necessary components, either by searching and previewing readymade loops, creating custom loops from oneshots with factory presets, or making totally unique patterns from scratch. Techniques increase in complexity as drum fills are added, along with impacts and risers of various kinds.

By the end of the course, you’ll not only have a thorough grasp of what makes an engaging House arrangement, but also how to use Loopcloud to quickly and easily make the necessary FX layers to achieve it.

Signing up gets you immediate access to over 2 hours of tutorials, as well as all the Loopcloud presets from the lessons, plus a bonus pack of House samples from Loopmasters.

Course Breakdown

Module 1 – Recap and Arrangement Overview
Rob picks up where part 1 left off, by reviewing the arrangement as it stands, discussing the strongest and weakest aspects, and talking about the next steps for improving development and flow.

Module 2 – Adding a Drum Fill Loop
A look at how to use Loopcloud to add a simple drum fill, as a precursor to the main drop.

Module 3 – Creating Impacts Part 1
A guide to how to make impact FX in Loopcloud, starting with a simple reverb impact and then getting more advanced by making custom ‘fake’ delays.
Lesson 1 – Reverb Impact
Lesson 2 – ‘Fake’ Delay Impact

Module 4 – Creating Risers Part 1
A lesson looking at what makes a riser, with examples of how to create them in the DAW and also Loopcloud, using sounds already in the project.

Module 5 – Adding Variety and Developing Parts
Rob dives deeper into Loopcloud, showing how to expand existing looping patterns into ones that evolve more gradually, to create parts that develop and add more variation to the arrangement.

Module 6 – ‘Spot’ and Transition FX
Additional FX layers are added to the arrangement, in the form of ‘spot’ reverb, helping create extra impactful atmosphere to the middle of the drop, and a noise transition FX, which is a combi impact/riser that builds and then drops to smooth over a bridge between song sections.
Lesson 1 – Percussion ’spot’ FX
Lesson 2 – Noise Transition FX

Module 7 – Creating Risers Part 2 – Snare Riser
A final lesson that shows how to make a classic snare riser in Loopcloud, helping to build the energy and tension at the end of the main breakdown.

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