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Hydra Stack 是使用 Wavestack Mutant 从 Hydra 合成器中采样的多采样乐器集合。该模块从加载的振荡器形状中创建失谐的齐声风格。 218 种乐器以 96khz 采样,每倍频程 2 个样本,超过 5 个倍频程,采样范围很大。有 2 套完整的,一套为 20% 失谐,另一套为 40%。
Hydrasynth 的数字波形是特殊的 imo,因为它们具有高分辨率和出色的音色集合,可用于听起来不刺耳的明亮声音。

WAVS 使用元数据和命名应该使它们与查找此信息的采样器兼容。

“Stack” Kontakt 乐器被设计成一个简单的 2 “Oscillator” 合成器,用于轻松创建/随机化声音它采用波形和时间方法来塑造音量和过滤包络。我经常创建复杂的脚本,但我希望这个简单易懂。

我拒绝添加通常的效果,因为我认为没有它们这些样本听起来真的很棒,而且我还想创建一个在 CPU 上很容易的乐器。我确实包括了房间混响,虽然它不经常用于随机声音,但很容易添加到口味中。

为 NI Kontakt FULL v6.7.1 或更高版本制作!


Hydra Stack is a collection of Multi Sampled instruments sampled from a Hydra Synth using the Wavestack Mutant. This module creates a detuned unison style of sound from the loaded oscillator shape. 218 instruments have been sampled at 96khz using 2 samples per octave over 5 octaves for a great sampled range. There are 2 complete sets, one set at 20% detune & the other at 40%.
The digital waveforms from the Hydrasynth are special imo due to their high resolution & a great collection for bright sounds that don’t sound harsh.

The WAVS use metadata & naming that should make them compatible with samplers that look for this info.

The ‘Stack’ Kontakt instrument was designed to be a simple 2 ‘Oscillator’ Synth for easily creating/ randomising sounds It deploys a wave shape and time method to shape the volume and filter envelopes. I often create complex scripts, but I hope that this one is simple and easy to understand.

I resisted adding the usual effects as I think these samples sound really good without them, and I also wanted to create an instrument that was easy on CPU. I did include Room Reverb, although it doesn’t get used often in randomised sounds but is easily added to taste.

Made for NI Kontakt FULL v6.7.1 or higher!

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