Harrison Mixbus 32C v7.1.97 Incl Patched and Keygen WIN

Harrison Mixbus 32C v7.1.97 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R| 101.94 MB

Mixbus 32C 是一个功能齐全的数字音频工作站,它在 Mixbus 平台上进行了改进,精确模拟了原始 Harrison 32C。

如果您正在努力制作听起来像热门唱片的“开箱即用”混音,Mixbus32C 就是您正在寻找的工具。

版本 7 中的新功能
– 专用的“录音机”窗口
– TapeX™ worfkow 针对多轨乐队录音任务进行了优化
– 提供曲目记录和监听状态的紧凑视图以及简化的时间线,让所有内容都在视图中
— 允许您重命名设备的硬件输入以匹配您的工作室连接:“Vocal Mic”、“Guitar Mic”、“Bass DI”……这些名称在会话中保留
– Mac 和 Windows 安装程序现在已签名和公证:不再安装过程中的安全提示!
– 更新的 Mac 版本使用最新的 Apple 工具来支持新的 Waves v12 插件(以及其他好处)
– 更新了 Windows 的 ASIO 驱动程序:改进了 CPU 性能并更好地支持使用毫秒来设置缓冲区大小而不是样本的 ASIO 设备

Mixbus 32C is a full-featured digital audio workstation that improves on the Mixbus platform with an exact emulation of the original Harrison 32C.

If you are striving to make “in the box” mixes that sound like a hit record, Mixbus32C is the tool you are looking for.

New in Version 7
– Dedicated “Recorder” window
— TapeX™ worfkow is optimized for the task of multitrack band recording
— Provides a compact view of your track’s record & monitor status plus a simplified timeline that keeps everything in view at once
— Provides a dedicated meter-bridge for your soundcard inputs: you no longer have to create a Track to see which hardware input you are plugged into
— Allows you to rename your device’s hardware inputs to match your studio connections: “Vocal Mic”, “Guitar Mic”, “Bass DI” … these names are retained across sessions
– Mac and Windows installers are now Signed and Notarized: no more security prompts during installation!
– Updated Mac builds use the latest Apple tools to support the new Waves v12 plugins (among other benefits)
– Updated ASIO driver for Windows: improved cpu performance and better support for ASIO devices that use milliseconds to set the buffersize rather than samples

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