Groove3 与 Brainworx 插件的混音教程 – Groove3 Mixing with Brainworx Plug-Ins Explained TUTORiAL

HiDERA | 25 June 2021 | 1 GB

Gary Hiebner 提供全面的 Brainworx 插件混音视频教程!如果您拥有或正在考虑使用 Brainworx 的一些很棒的插件来混合您的下一个项目,请务必先查看此视频教程系列。 Gary 让您深入了解一些 Brainworx 最受欢迎的插件,向您展示它们的所有特性和功能,并将它们用于混音,这样您就可以准确地看到和听到它们的功能。您还可以获得所有项目词干,以便您可以将它们导入您的 DAW 并跟随您在视频中看到的内容。这些视频适用于新的 Brainworx 插件用户。

Gary 欢迎您并向您展示本系列中将涵盖的 Brainworx Console Style 插件,并概述其用户界面,以便您可以轻松地在混音中使用它们。然后,您将使用 SSL 4000 E 和 G 通道条在底鼓、军鼓和吉他上的精彩再现开始混音,并了解 E、G 和 J 系列仿真模型的差异和最佳应用。

继续学习如何在混音中设置和使用 Townhouse Bus Compressor,将 Focusrite 控制台插件用于人声并作为激励器,利用 Neve style N 插件进行可爱的着色,将不同的插件设置为总线效果,使用 BX Digital V3 Mix 进行校正均衡,使用 DynEQ V2 作为 DeEsser,Key Boost,并在混音中“躲避”乐器以使其他乐器脱颖而出,创造性地使用 BX RooMS 混响效果,以及如何利用 BX Saturator 为轨道添加额外的驱动力和饱和度,使它们看起来在混音中脱颖而出,等等。

要了解这些 Brainworx 插件教程向您展示的内容以及它们如何让您在下一个混音中获得惊人的效果,请参阅此页面上的单个 Brainworx 插件视频教程说明。使用专为成功混音而设计的插件加强您的混音,并学习像专业人士一样使用它们… 立即观看“使用 Brainworx 插件解释® 混音”!


Gary Hiebner presents comprehensive Brainworx plug-in mixing video tutorials! If you have or are thinking of getting some of Brainworx’s awesome plug-ins to mix your next project, make sure to check this video tutorial series out first. Gary gives you a deep dive into some of Brainworx’s most popular plug-ins, showing you all of their features and functions as well as putting them to work on a mix so you can both see and hear exactly what they can do. You also get all the project stems so you can import them into your DAW and follow along with what you see in the videos. These videos are for new Brainworx plug-in users.

Gary welcomes you and shows you the Brainworx Console Style plug-ins that will be covered in the series, as well as gives an overview of their user interfaces so you can easily use them in your mixes. Then you’ll start the mix with the awesome recreations of the SSL 4000 E and G channel strips on kick, snare, and guitars, as well as learn about the differences and best applications of the model E, G, and J series emulations.

Moving on you discover how to set up and use the Townhouse Bus Compressor in your mix, use the Focusrite console plug-ins for vocals and as an exciter, utilize the Neve style N plug-ins for lovely coloration, set up different plugins as a bus effect, do corrective EQing with the BX Digital V3 Mix, use the DynEQ V2 as a DeEsser, a Key Boost, and to “duck” instruments in at the mix so that others stand out, use the BX RooMS Reverb Effect creatively, and how to utilize the BX Saturator to add extra drive and saturation to tracks, making them seemingly jump out in the mix, and much more.

To see what these Brainworx plugin tutorials show you and how they’ll allow you to get amazing results on your next mix, see the individual Brainworx plug-in video tutorial descriptions on this page. Step up your mixes with plug-ins designed for mixing success, and learn to use them like a pro… Watch “Mixing with Brainworx Plug-Ins Explained®” today!

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