Ghosthack Neon Trap Volume 2 WAV MiDi

P2P | 1 December 2021 | 1.12 GB

25 个免版税的建筑套件

Neon Trap 和 Hip-Hop Kits Volume 2 是我们成功的 Vol。 1 包和我们工具箱的延续,用于组装新鲜的 Trap 和 Hip-Hop 节拍。
1.12 GB 包包括 25 种不同的 100% 免版税构造套件,用于现代 Trap 和 Hip-Hop 制作。该包总共包含 590 个文件,让您深入了解 Trap 和 Hip-Hop 声音。


每个文件夹都标有键(例如 Cm、Em、F#m、Am 或 Gmaj)和 bpm(88 – 170 BPM),以便根据您的个人制作需求更轻松地找到您喜欢的套件。在 Loops、MIDI 和 One-Shots 的帮助下,您可以为您的下一个 Trap 和 Hip-Hop 流派项目创造真正独特的东西。


25 Royalty-Free Construction Kits

Neon Trap and Hip-Hop Kits Volume 2 is the answer of our successful Vol. 1 pack and a continuation of our toolbox for assembling fresh Trap and Hip-Hop beats.
The 1.12 GB pack includes 25 different and 100% royalty-free constructions kits for modern Trap and Hip-Hop productions. The pack contains 590 total files and let you dive deeper into your Trap and Hip-Hop sound.

All kits are ordered in theme-based folders, with a short-term descriptor for orientating best what mood the respective folder contains. From »Memories« and »Vacation«, over to »Police«, »Blessed« or »Problems«, to »Versace Island« and »Champion« you will find countless, individual construction kits for every kind of feeling and atmosphere.

Every folder is labelled by key (e.g. Cm, Em, F#m, Am, or Gmaj) and bpm (88 – 170 BPM) to make it easier finding your preferable kit according to your individual production needs. With the help of Loops, MIDIs and One-Shots you can create something truly unique for your next project in the genre of Trap and Hip-Hop.

All the royalty-free sounds can be used for commercial projects such as album, iTunes and

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