Field and Foley Essential SFX Vol. 3 WAV-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 13 June 2022 | 890 MB

基本 SFX 卷。 Charles van Kirk 的 3 紧随 Essential SFX Volumes 1 和 2,从各种环境和来源制作拟音和氛围效果。 体验空中旅行的每一步; 从在登机口等候、系好安全带准备起飞、在飞行途中享用饮料并在目的地降落。 在沙滩上漫步,感受脚下的贝壳噼啪作响。 坐在您乡间别墅的门廊上,聆听周围环境的宁静声音……或者也许是苦差事; 是时候打包回收了,给房子吸尘,洗衣服……




Essential SFX Vol. 3 by Charles van Kirk picks up on the heels of both Essential SFX Volumes 1 and 2, crafting both foley and ambience effects from a variety of environments and sources. Experience air travel every step of the way; from waiting at your gate, buckling up for take-off, enjoying a mid-flight beverage and landing at your destination. Take a stroll on the beach, feel the sea-shells crackle beneath your feet. Sit back on the porch of your country home, taking in the peaceful sounds of the environment around you…or maybe it’s chore day; time to bundle up the recycling, vacuum the house, do some laundry….

Placing the listener right where you need them, whether it’s film or musical productions, this pack will provide the unique sonic landscape for creating an immersive audio experience.

188 one shots

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