FAW Sublab XL v1.0.0 WIN MAC

Articstorm | 03 August 2022 | AAX/VST2/VST3 | 458 MB

SubLab 刚刚获得了更多的 XL。我们已经向各个方向扩展了更多功能、更多 FX、调制、宏和全新的声音。

混合和匹配 FX
使用可安排的 FX 塑造您的低音炮。
混合和匹配多达四个 FX,然后重新排列以塑造您的声音。
√ 6 倍失真风味。
√ 具有正弦折叠和线性折叠选项的波形整形器。
√ 带嘶嘶声和摆动控制的磁带。
√ 具有抽取和位模式控制的 Bitcrusher。
√ 带有自动侧链和混合量控制的压缩机。

使用我们的新 Super Oscillator 在几秒钟内创建 supersaws 和 moogy 低音提琴。
√ 将锯、三角形或方波分层以创建超级锯。
√ 干/湿混合。
√ 调整和失谐的厚度。
√ 立体声传播的宽度控制。

√ 18 个路由选项。
√ 正弦波、三角波、锯齿波、方波和噪声波形。
√ 速率控制和 BPM 同步。

√ 2 个宏控件。
√ 每个预设都分配给音乐上有趣的参数。
√ 完全可定制,拖放以分配新参数。
√ 每个宏最多映射 10 个参数。
√ 具有可自定义颜色和纹理的音乐响应斑点。

包含 9 个工厂贝司包,涵盖了广泛的音色。
√ Reese Bass – 大量、摇晃、脉动和动态的 Reese bass 组合。
√ Crushed – 我们可以创建的最脆、最喧闹、最扭曲的潜艇。
√ This Hits Hard – 从最近的热门曲目中重新创建的新鲜 sub 和 808 声音的集合。
√ Sean Divine Signature – 涵盖广泛调色板的签名子声音的策展。
√ Supersaw – 各种分层和拨入的 supersaw。
√ Richie Souf – 现代嘻哈制作的尖端 808。
√ 模拟机器 – 在 SubLabXL 中重现温暖的模拟声音,就像它们直接来自经典模拟机器一样。
√ Pure Subs – 适用于所有类型的面包和黄油清洁潜艇。
√ 未来的 808 – 明天的 808。

SubLab XL 加载了数百个独家样本,包括底鼓、底鼓瞬态,以及从模拟鼓机和模块中精心录制的 808 个样本。
√ Minimoog
√ 罗兰 TR-909
√ 罗兰 TR-808
√ 罗兰 TR-707
√ 华尔道夫布洛菲尔德
√ Jomox MBase 11
√ MFB 522
√ 北铅
√ 噪声工程 Basimilus Iteritas
√ Befaco 踢球
√ Intellijel Dixie
√ Hexinverter BD9
√ 可变乐器辫
√ 戴夫·史密斯暴风雨
√ Korg Volca Beats
√ Korg Volca 踢
√ Vermona Mono Lancet ’15
√ 还有更多…


兼容 Windows 7 及更高版本


SubLab just got a lot more XL. We’ve expanded in all directions with more features, more FX, modulation, macros, and totally fresh sounds.

Mix and match FX
Sculpt out your subs with arrangeable FX.
Mix and match up to four FX, then rearrange to sculpt your sound.
√ 6x Distortion flavors.
√ Waveshaper with sine fold and linear fold options.
√ Tape with hiss and wobble controls.
√ Bitcrusher with decimation and bit mode controls.
√ Compressor with auto sidechain and mix amount controls.

Supersized synth engine
Create supersaws and moogy sub-basses in seconds with our new Super Oscillator.
New sonic possibilities, just clicks away with the Super Oscillator.
Create thick, buzzy supersaws or subtle moogy bass in seconds.
√ Layer up saw, triangle, or square waves to create supersaws.
√ Dry/wet mix.
√ Tune and detune for thickness.
√ Width controls for stereo spread.

LFO Modulation
Add movement and complexity with modulation.
Modulate up to two parameters at a time to create rhythmic, sweeping, lively subs.
√ 18 routing options.
√ Sine, triangle, saw, square and noise wave forms.
√ Rate control and BPM sync.

Sounds for Days
Packed out with fresh sub sounds. Easily tweak to make your own with macros.
Macros to transform sounds without interrupting your flow.
√ 2 macros controls.
√ Each preset comes assigned to musically interesting parameters.
√ Fully customizable, drag and drop to assign new parameters.
√ Map up to 10 parameters to each macro.
√ Musically responsive blob with customizable colors and textures.

Packed out with 9 factory bass packs covering a broad palette of sounds.
√ Reese Bass – a pack of massive, wobbly, pulsing, and dynamic Reese basses.
√ Crushed – the crunchiest, buzziest, most distorted subs we can create.
√ This Hits Hard – a collection of fresh sub and 808 sounds recreated from recent hit tracks.
√ Sean Divine Signature – a curation of signature sub sounds covering a wide palette.
√ Supersaw – a variety of layered up and dialed in supersaws.
√ Richie Souf – cutting edge 808s for modern hip hop production.
√ Analog Machines – warm analog sounds recreated in SubLabXL, just like they came straight out of the classic analog machines.
√ Pure Subs – bread and butter clean subs for all genres.
√ Future 808s – the 808s of tomorrow.

SubLab XL comes loaded with hundreds of exclusive samples including kick drums, kick transients, and 808 samples meticulously recorded from analog drum machines and modulars.
√ Minimoog
√ Roland TR-909
√ Roland TR-808
√ Roland TR-707
√ Waldorf Blofeld
√ Jomox MBase 11
√ MFB 522
√ Nord Lead
√ Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas
√ Befaco Kickall
√ Intellijel Dixie
√ Hexinverter BD9
√ Mutable Instruments Plaits
√ Dave Smith Tempest
√ Korg Volca Beats
√ Korg Volca Kick
√ Vermona Mono Lancet ’15
√ And more…

Whats new in this version
Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

System Requirements
Compatible with Windows 7 and higher

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