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DLMT 分解了他的工作流程,教您找到自己的声音的重要性,并向您展示如何混音和掌握您的唱片。

在过去的几年里,Dan Balamut (DLMT) 一直在稳步地在浩室音乐中留下自己的印记。凭借强劲有力的贝司线条与欢快悦耳的人声融合在一起,他的声音迅速成为业界的主流。

DLMT 第一次尝到成功的滋味是他的爆款单曲“So Cold”。这首歌于 2019 年初在 Armada 上首次亮相,为他未来的声音设定了基准,在 Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay Chart 上停留了 15 周,最终获得了第一名。

随着最近通过 Big Beat、Ultra Records、Musical Freedom、Spinnin’ Records 和其他几个时尚品牌如 Enhanced Music、Armada 和 Dim Mak 发行,DLMT 的未来将继续闪耀。

在本课程中,DLMT 分解了他的工作流程,并教您找到自己的声音的重要性。然后,他将向您展示如何精心制作一首有影响力的曲子,如何让您的鼓声振奋,以及如何添加一点花哨以使您的歌曲脱颖而出。然后,您将全面了解如何正确混音和掌握您的唱片,以便为世界各地的舞池做好准备。



DLMT breaks down his workflow, teaches you the importance of finding your own sound and shows you how to mix and master your record.

For the past few years, Dan Balamut (DLMT) has been steadily making his mark on house music. With hard-hitting bass lines fused with euphoric and melodic vocals, his sound has quickly become a staple in the industry.

DLMT’s first taste of success came in the form of his breakout hit “So Cold”. The song, which debuted on Armada in early 2019, set the benchmark for his future sound, spending 15 weeks on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay Chart before eventually claiming the #1 spot.

With recent releases via Big Beat, Ultra Records, Musical Freedom, Spinnin’ Records and several other tastemaker labels such as Enhanced Music, Armada, and Dim Mak, the future continues to shine extra bright for DLMT.

In this course, DLMT breaks down his workflow and teaches you the importance of finding your own sound. He then shows you how to carefully craft an impactful tune, how to get your drums pumping, and how to add a little flourish to make your song stand out from the rest. Then, you’ll get a thorough breakdown on how to properly mix and master your record so that it’s ready for dance floors around the world.

Total runtime: 2hrs 13mins
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