EQ效果器 – Ayaic Ceilings Of Sound PRO v0.5.3 WIN

Ayaic Ceilings Of Sound PRO v0.5.3-RET| 5.87 MB

Ceilings Of Sound PRO 采用真正独特的方法来均衡声音,并且是第一个将噪声频谱合并为均衡“旋钮”的均衡器。15 个用户可定义的天花板频段,每个频段包含 49 个噪声斜率,可让您创建声波天花板形状,驱动 50/31 频段线性图形均衡器的设置。均衡器以 0 延迟、低 CPU 负载运行,但仍具有高精度,即使在真正重要的低频下也是如此。“使频谱符合天花板”功能只需单击一下按钮,即可使您的 EQ 符合天花板形状。49 个天花板导轨可帮助您平衡天花板形状,以比以往更快更好地平衡。这意味着无论您使用的是我们数百种预设中的一种,您自己创建的预设之一或在混音/母带制作过程中简单地操纵原始音频的天花板形状,完美均衡只需“点击”即可。我们确信,一旦您开始使用 Ceilings Of Sound PRO,您就会很快发现为什么它被称为 Hyper-EQ。

Ceilings Of Sound PRO takes a truly unique approach to equalizing sound and is the first equalizer to incorporate the spectrum of noise as equalization “knobs”. 15 user-definable ceiling bands containing 49 noise-slopes each allow you to create sonic-ceiling shapes that drive the settings of a 50/31-band Linear Graphic Equalizer. The EQs operate at 0 latency, low CPU load yet are hi-precision, even at the low frequencies where it really matters. A “conform spectrum to ceiling” feature conforms your EQ to your ceiling shape with a click of a button. 49 ceiling guides help you balance your ceiling shapes to equalize faster and better than ever. This means whether you’re working with one of our hundreds of presets, one of your own created presets or simply manipulating the ceiling shape of your raw audio during mix-down/mastering, perfect equalization is a “click” away. We are certain that once you beginning using Ceilings Of Sound PRO you’ll quickly discover why it’s called a Hyper-EQ.

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