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Team DECiBEL | 14 Sep 2021 | 6.67GB

包含 14 个节奏的 20 首曲目当代 R&B 是一部百科全书式的住宅时髦律动,其影响范围从 Beyonce 到 Rihanna、Drake、Bruno Mars,再到 Anderson Paak 和 Lizzo,由 Julian Kindred 在他的世界级私人工作室精美录制,该系列涵盖范围广泛节奏范围为 70-105 bpm 的节拍将为您的曲目提供真实的现场感觉和摆动,真正将它们提升到一个新的水平。我们真的希望你喜欢这个包,就像我们都喜欢制作它一样。

Julian Kindred 是加拿大音乐家和格莱美奖获奖制作人/工程师,他于 90 年代初在纳什维尔的 Music Row 开始录制唱片。他在这座城市的许多标志性工作室磨练自己的技艺,与一长串传奇音乐家和制作人合作。作为一名音乐爱好者,他于 2002 年搬到伦敦,建立了自己的录音和混音工作室 Nonsuch Park,在那里他继续工作和编写多个项目。他曾与包括 Ellie Goulding、Aimee Mann、Nao、Hammock、Max Cooper 和 BT 在内的众多艺术家合作,并为 Little Richard 和 Steve Winwood 等传奇人物制作会议。

Dan See 是英国的会议鼓手,拥有广泛的录音、写作和现场经验。目前,他正在与 Lianne La Havas 合作,作为她现场乐队的一部分,并且可以在她的 MOBO 提名同名专辑 Lianne La Havas 中听到。 Dan 还与 Laura Marling 进行现场合作,并出现在她的格莱美提名专辑 Song For Our Daughter 中。其他工作包括与 Tom Jones 爵士、Jamie Woon、Nick Mulvey、Nao、Lexxx、Kevin Killen 和 Ethan Johns 一起工作、录音和巡演。

Multitracks & Mixes 包包含每个音轨的全长未混合多轨,以及套件上使用的所有不同麦克风的单独 wav。如果您想完全控制套件的声音,这个包非常棒。在这个包中,我们还为每个律动包含了一个全长混合立体声 wav,因此您可以为每个速度准备好混音。


With 20 tracks across 14 tempos Contemporary R&B is an encyclopaedic journey of uptown funky grooves taking influence from Beyonce to Rihanna to Drake to Bruno Mars right up to Anderson Paak and Lizzo, Beautifully recorded by Julian Kindred at his world class private studio, this collection ranging of beats with tempos ranging from 70-105 bpm will give your tracks that authentic live feel and swing that will truly elevate them to the next level. We truly hope you enjoy this pack as much as we all loved making it.

About the Artists:
Julian Kindred is a Canadian musician and Grammy award-winning producer/engineer whose entry into recording began on Nashville’s Music Row in the early 90s. Honing his craft in many of the city’s iconic studios, he worked with a long list of its legendary musicians and producers. A musical Anglophile, he moved to London in 2002, setting up his own recording & mixing studio, Nonsuch Park, where he continues to work and write on several projects. He’s worked with numerous artists including Ellie Goulding, Aimee Mann, Nao, Hammock, Max Cooper & BT, as well as working on sessions for legends such as Little Richard & Steve Winwood.

Dan See is a UK-based session drummer with a wide range of recording, writing and live experience. Currently he is working with Lianne La Havas as part of her live band and can be heard on her MOBO nominated self-titled album Lianne La Havas. Dan is also working live with Laura Marling as well as appearing on her Grammy nominated album Song For Our Daughter. Other work includes working, recording and touring with Sir Tom Jones, Jamie Woon, Nick Mulvey, Nao, Lexxx, Kevin Killen and Ethan Johns.

The Multitracks & Mixes pack contains full length unmixed multitracks of every track, with separate wavs for all the different mics used on the kit. This pack is great if you want full control over the sound over the kit. With this pack we have also included a full length mixed stereo wav for each groove, so you have a mix ready to use for each tempo.

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