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他首先专注于歌曲创作,在进入 Pro Tools 之前,他录制了现场吉他和贝斯,我们使用 ANA 2 重新创建了他在原版中制作的合成器硬件补丁。
在深入了解多层鼓和打击乐之前,我们详细了解了马特如何在单独的会话中处理人声,甚至蔬菜的录音也被加入混音中! ANA 2 中还有进一步的创造性声音设计,它在我们安排音轨之前添加了呼叫和响应低音线,添加了独特的过渡效果和时间拉伸的人声,然后将音轨混合起来,以便准备好发送给母带。


如果 How To Make Deep Progressive House 不能激发您站在 DAW 面前并开始创造新事物,那么我们不知道什么会?



The wait is finally over, and we’re super excited to launch one of our most detailed and epic courses to date as we bring you How To Make Deep Progressive House with Matt Lange!

In this awesome six and half-hour course Matt recreates his incredible brand new track ‘Shimmer’ from his forthcoming album entirely from scratch.

Focussing on the songwriting first and foremost, he records live guitar and bass before moving into Pro Tools where we use ANA 2 to recreate synth hardware patches he made in the original.
We get a detailed look at how Matt deals with vocals in a separate session before diving into the multi-layered drums and percussion, where even recordings of vegetables are thrown into the mix! There’s further recreative sound design in ANA 2 which adds call-and-response bass lines before we arrange the track, add unique transition FX and time-stretched vocals and then mix the track down so it’s ready to be sent off for mastering.

This course genuinely has everything from live recordings, sound design, meticulous processing where each element has the opportunity to do more, and of course cats!

If How To Make Deep Progressive House doesn’t inspire you to get in front of your DAW and start creating something new, then we don’t know what will?

Check it out!

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