Datacode FOCUS Raw Techno WAV-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 05 May 2022 | 570 MB

Datacode 很自豪地展示 FOCUS: Raw Techno 一个高度集中的样本集合,用于 Techno 的 Raw、Deep、Hypnotic 方面!该包包含一组独特且鼓舞人心的原始合成器、Deep Subs、Pulsating Drums、Lo-Fi Drones 等等。包括用于制作 Raw Techno 和 Dark Techno 的所有最新样本、循环、oneshot 和节拍循环套件。免版税!

更详细地说,这个包包括超过 900 MB 和 297 个文件。探索一系列不同的样本和循环,包括 Punchy Overdriven Analog Style Kicks、Upfront Basslines、Saturated Percussion 和 Hi-Hat Loops,以及来自音频演示的令人鼓舞的切割合成循环选择、粒状纹理和 11 个完整的多层构造套件水平制作和优美的声音为您的下一首曲目做好准备!


• 包大小:910 MB
• 297 个文件总数
• 节奏 133 BPM
• 24 位 WAV

•25 个低音循环
•24 个合成器循环
•13 无人机和纹理循环
•14 踢循环
•20 个踩镲循环
•13 个拍手和军鼓循环
•11 节拍循环与茎
•(111 个带有 Kick、Bass、Claps、Synth 等的 Stem Loops)
•10 外汇
•20 踢
•14 聚碳酸酯
•21 合成器


Datacode is proud to present FOCUS: Raw Techno a highly focused sample collection for the Raw, Deep, Hypnotic side of Techno! This pack features a unique and inspiring set of raw, upfront Synths, Deep Subs, Pulsating Drums, Lo-Fi Drones and much more. Includes all latest samples, loops, oneshots and beat loop kits for producing Raw Techno and Dark Techno. Royalty-Free!

In more detail this pack includes over 900 MB with 297 total files. Explore a distinct collection of samples and loops including Punchy Overdriven Analog Style Kicks, Upfront Basslines, Saturated Percussion and Hi-Hat Loops and an inspiring selection of Cutting Synth Loops, Grainy Textures and 11 Full Multi-Layered Construction Kits from the audio demo with pro level production and polished sounds ready for your next track!


• Pack size: 910 MB
• 297 Total Files
• Tempo 133 BPM
• 24 Bit WAV

•25 Bass Loops
•24 Synth Loops
•13 Drone & Texture Loops
•14 Kick Loops
•20 Hi-Hat Loops
•12 Perc Loops
•13 Clap & Snare Loops
•11 Beat Loops with Stems
•(111 Stem Loops with Kick, Bass, Claps, Synth, and more)
•10 FX
•20 Kicks
•14 Perc
•21 Synths

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