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Team R2R | 24 Mar 2022 | 4.72GB

KEYS 究竟是什么?
我们想制作一个插件,其中包含我们最喜欢的用于 Cymatics 样本的关键乐器的所有声音。

我们的目标是没有填充声音——我们只包括我们个人每天都想使用的声音。 100+种纯金预设!


100 多个鼓舞人心的预设 – 没有填充声音
Cymatics 多年来一直以音乐行业的一些最佳预设而闻名,KEYS 也不例外。



经典 Rhodes 和 Wurly 电子钢琴

我们还计划在未来免费发布 KEYS 预设扩展。


What exactly is KEYS?
We wanted to make a plugin that has all the sounds from our favorite key instruments we use for Cymatics samples.

Our goal was NO filler sounds – we only included sounds that we personally would want to use every day. 100+ presets of pure gold!

There is an advanced section where you can completely customize your sounds with reverb, fx, resampling, half speed, reverse, filters, and other powerful sound design tools for making your own sounds from scratch.

100+ inspiring presets – no filler sounds
Cymatics has been known for some of the best presets in the music industry for years, and KEYS is no different.

We included tons of go-to presets for every style of music. The preset categories are Classics, Piano, E-Piano, Lofi, Reverse, Synth, World, and more!

Just to name a few, you can expect to hear sounds like:

Classic Rhodes and Wurly e-pianos
Beautiful live recorded grand pianos
Vintage synthesizers
Unique instruments like kalimbas & log drums

We also plan on releasing KEYS preset expansions for free in the future.

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