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Ableton Live 10 和 11 的全局调制矩阵。

Dispatch 为在 Ableton Live 中生成、整形和分配调制信号增加了新的创造性可能性。从 7 个内置调制器中进行选择,或连接您喜爱的调制设备。使用矩阵混音器,您可以将调制源衰减、反转和混合成四个子混音。

这些子混合可以使用 CV 处理模块进行平滑和偏移。 Dispatch 的模块化工作流程让您可以将信号传入和传出调制矩阵:您可以从设备内部在 Eurorack 硬件之间发送和接收 CV 信号,从而在硬件和软件之间整合所有调制。

此外,Dispatch 可以从其控制信号中导出 MIDI 音符,从而可以使用内部和外部 MIDI 设备进行生成组合。使用 Patterns 系统在四个不同的设备范围快照之间存储、调用和插值。 XY 垫允许从单个控制器管理所有设备参数。使用网格视图,您可以创建额外的 16 个独特的调制子混音。非常适合在整个项目中创建有凝聚力的运动。



Windows 7 或更高版本


Global modulation matrix for Ableton Live 10 & 11.

Dispatch adds new creative possibilities for generating, shaping and distributing modulation signals within Ableton Live. Select from the 7 built-in modulators, or connect your favourite modulation devices. Using the matrix mixer, you can attenuate, invert and mix the modulation sources into four submixes.

These submixes can be smoothed and offset using the CV processing module. Dispatch’s modular workflow lets you route signals in and out of the modulation matrix: you can send and recieve CV signals between your Eurorack hardware from inside the device, consolidating all of your modulation between hardware and software.

Additionally, Dispatch can derive MIDI notes from its control signals, allowing possibilities for generative composition with internal and external MIDI devices. Store, recall and interpolate between four different device-wide snapshots using the Patterns system. The XY pad allows all of the device’s parameters to be managed from a single controller. Using the Grid view, you can create an additional 16 unique submixes of modulation. Perfect for creating cohesive movement across your entire project.

Created by John Howes

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System Requirements
Windows 7 or higher

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