Black Octopus Sound Lovers Lane Synthwave [WAV]

DISCOVER | 22 February 2021 | 0.99 GB目前,Synthwave是一种爆炸​​风格,每个人都希望获得该风格的最新多汁和驾驶合成器arp,主音,鼓和循环。别再看了!欢迎使用Black Octopus Sound的Lovers Lane Synthwave。
Lovers Lane Synthwave为您提供Synthwave的更轻巧和更优雅的一面,为您提供大量的Loops,One Shots和Full Stem Kits来制作您的下一曲。在Song Starter Kits中,您可以找到一首歌曲的整个词干,并准备将它们放入您选择的DAW中。除了完整的启动器外,还有Synthwave制作中必不可少的Loop:Arps,Bass,Drums,Synth Leads和Full Ensembles。每个循环都有和弦和琴键标记,因此可以轻松混合并啮合您的心脏!


80年代应引起他们的关注,而Lovers Lane会带您大量80年代Synthwave声音带入记忆道!


003 x Song Starter-(总共36 x个茎文件)
051 x鼓循环
024 x乐器环
012 x Aperggio圈
014 x低音循环
014 x全混音循环
014 x音乐合奏循环
035 x(单发)样本
005 x Synths多采样
44.1kHz / 24位高质量

Synthwave is an exploding genre right now and everyone wants to get the latest juicy and driving synth arps, leads, drums and loops for the style. Look no further! Welcome to Lovers Lane Synthwave by Black Octopus Sound.

Lovers Lane Synthwave give you the lighter and more elegant side of Synthwave, providing you with copious amounts of Loops, One Shots and Full Stem Kits to produce your next hit. Inside the Song Starter Kits you find entire stems of a song laid out and ready to put into your DAW of choice. Alongside the full starters are Loops that are must-haves in Synthwave Production: Arps, Bass, Drums, Synth Leads, and full Ensembles. Every loop is chord and key labelled so its easy to blend and mesh as your heart desires!

Want to make your own synth? No problem! Inside is also one shot synths of five different types that you can place into your sampler of choice and perform. All are key labelled so you can put to the exact octavos (spreading over 3 octaves) and play alongside the brilliant loops and grooves!

The 80s deserve as much attention as they are getting and Lovers Lane takes you down memory lane with massive 80s Synthwave sounds!

Product Specifications:

  • Format: (.WAVs)
  • 003 x Song Starter – (36 x Stems Files In Total)
  • 051 x Drum Loops
  • 024 x Instrument Loops
  • 012 x Aperggio Loops
  • 014 x Bass Loops
  • 014 x Full Mix Loops
  • 014 x Music Ensemble Loops
  • 035 x (One-Shots) Samples
  • 005 x Synths Multi-Sampled
  • 388 x Files In Total
  • Key And Tempo-Labelled
  • 44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
  • Complete Fully Mixed And Mastered
  • Compatible With All DAWs
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