Audible AA/AAX 转换工具 – AudKit AAX Converter WIN

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以 100 倍的速度无损地将 Audible AA/AAX 转换为 MP3、AAC、FLAC、M4B 等,以便在任何地方播放有声读物。

无需 Audible 授权即可下载 Audible Books 和 iTunes 分期付款
AudKit Audible Converter 专注于从 购买的有声读物,对于有声读物爱好者探索语音音频娱乐非常有价值。与传统的 AAX 转换器不同,无需安装 iTunes 应用程序并授权 Audible 帐户,这款 Audible AAX 转换器能够下载 Audible 文件。借助此有声读物转换器,您可以在任何设备上收听有声读物,而无需任何帐户授权。

将 Audible 转换为 MP3、M4A、AAC、M4B 等。
为了防止未经授权的播放,Audible 有声读物以“格式 4”(AA) 和“增强”(AAX) 格式编码,可在选定的设备和播放器上播放。感谢这款专业的 AudKit Audible 文件转换器,它使您能够将 Audible AA / AAX 转换为 MP3、AAC、M4A、M4B、FLAC、AC3、WMA、WAV、M4R、MKA、OGG、AIFF 等,以获得更好的兼容性。

保持可听 AA/AAX 文件的无损质量
除了将 Audible 转换为各种纯音频文件之外,这款最智能的 Audible 音频到 MP3 转换器还提供了一个选项,可将输出格式定义为无损,同时考虑有声读物的聆听体验。当您选择保持 100% 无损音质时,AA 有声读物将转换为 MP3 文件,而 AAX 读物将转换为 M4A 曲目,保留所有原始参数。

以极快的速度 (100X) 转换 Audible 有声读物
AudKit Audible AAX 音频转换器有一个重要的亮点。它在下载和转换 Audible 书籍时拥有超快的转换速度。采用出色的解密技术,运行速度高达100倍,比需要启动iTunes进行转换的竞争产品快得多。


Losslessly Convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4B, etc. at 100X Faster Speed for Audiobook Playback Anywhere.

Download Audible Books without Audible Authorization & iTunes Installment
Concentrated on audiobooks purchased from, AudKit Audible Converter can be of great value to audiobook enthusiasts for exploring spoken audio entertainment. Different from the traditional AAX converter, no need to install the iTunes app and authorize Audible account, this Audible AAX converter is capable of downloading Audible files. With the help of this Audible book converter, you can listen to audiobooks on any device without requiring any account authorization.

Convert Audible to MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B, etc.
For unauthorized-playback prevention, Audible audiobooks are encoded in “Format 4” (AA) and “Enhanced” (AAX) formats, which can be playable on selected devices and players. Thanks to this professional AudKit Audible file converter, it empowers you to convert Audible AA / AAX to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, FLAC, AC3, WMA, WAV, M4R, MKA, OGG, AIFF, etc. for better compatibility.

Keep Lossless Quality for Audible AA/AAX Files
Aside from converting Audible to a wide variety of plain audio files, this smartest Audible audio to MP3 converter offers an option of defining output format as Lossless with considering audiobook listening experience. While you choose to keep 100% lossless audio quality, the AA audiobooks will be converted as MP3 files, while AAX books as M4A tracks with all original parameters preserved.

Convert Audible Audiobooks at Lighting Fast Speed (100X)
There is an important highlight of the AudKit Audible AAX audio converter. It boasts super faster conversion speed while downloading and converting Audible books. By adopting outstanding decryption technology, it runs at up to 100X speed, which could be much faster than competitive products that need to launch the iTunes for conversion.

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