Ardist 2020 Collection Drum Kit WAV-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 09 January 2022 | 425 MB

这是 2020 年系列;对于那些看过 Southside、PVLACE、CashMoneyAP、E-Trou、FrancisGotHeat 以及 Internet Money 和 808 Mafia 中的许多其他制作人的烹饪和直播的人来说,它可能是一个熟悉的名字。我直接发给他们了。

我在 2019 年用我自己未发布的鼓以及我当时所有的鼓(Eros 2020 和之前发布的所有东西)制作了这个套件。它应该是一个为声音设计客户提供的演示套件,如果他们喜欢它,他们会委托我设计他们的公共套件(主要是拼接上的东西),并让他们成为其他人不会拥有的私人鼓。 (作为旁注,我设计了 3 个套件,在拼接顶部包列表中排名第一。)


总共 1,401 个鼓(超过 200 个未发布,1,200 个从我的 2019-2020 套件中从头开始制作)
11 个主文件夹,57 个子文件夹/类别


This is the 2020 Collection; it may be a familiar name to those who have seen cookups and streams from Southside, PVLACE, CashMoneyAP, E-Trou, FrancisGotHeat, and many other producers within Internet Money and 808 Mafia. I sent it directly to them.

I made this kit in 2019 out of my own unreleased drums as well as drums from all of my kits at the time (Eros 2020 and everything that was released prior.) It was supposed to be a demo kit for sound design clients, If they liked it they’d commission me to either ghost design their public kits (stuff on splice mostly) and make them private drums that no one else would have. (As a side note I’ve ghost designed 3 kits that hit #1 on the splice top packs list.)

Funnily enough many clients used this kit more than anything and I guess it really just hits the perfect combination of variety and simplicity due to how it’s organized;

1,401 Drums Total (over 200 unreleased, 1,200 made from scratch from my 2019-2020 kits)
11 Main Folders, 57 Subfolders/categories

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