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当您将 8 个单声道合成器一起使用时会发生什么?巨大的模拟声音!这种声音是由于每张声卡之间的轻微缺陷造成的,并且由于某些电子元件(错误)行为,来自原始电路的部件(特别是 OB-X)导致从滤波器到 VCA 的不同阶段发生各种失真和同样在输出阶段,OB-Xtreme 特别关注后期,重点是“咆哮”。

关于 V2 是什么有很多话要说,我已经可以说它不是什么了:一个简单的 V1 跨平台更新。 V2 是完全重制版,而 V1 是对 OB 语音卡架构的简化,V2 与原始 OB 设计和规格(包括来自 OB-X、OB-Xa 等的功能)更密切相关,它不是 V1 的直接替代品,但它为包络发生器和滤波器控制提供了传统模式,因此可以再现或制作 V1 声音(稍后会详细介绍)。
V2 在赛道的每个部分都有更高的规格,它作为升级礼物送给所有 V1 车主,V1 车主将免费获得它或使用“给你想要的”选项。


What happens when you take 8 mono synths and use them together? Huge analog sound! This sound is the result of slight imperfections between each voice card and, because of some electronic components (mis)behavior, parts from the orginal circuit (notably the OB-X) caused all sort of distortion happening at different stages from filter to VCA and also at the output stage, OB-Xtreme place a special attention to the later with an emphasis on “the Growl”.

There is a lot to say about what V2 is, I can already say what it is not : a simple V1 cross-platform update. V2 is a full remake, while V1 was a simpler take on an OB voice card architecture, V2 is more closely related to original OB designs and specs (including features from OB-X, OB-Xa etc) it is not a direct V1 replacement, nevertheless it got a Legacy mode for Envelope Generators and Filter control so V1 sounds can be reproduced or made (more on that later).
V2 have higher specs in every part of the circuit, it comes as an upgrade gift to all V1 owners, V1 owners will get it for free or use a “give what you want” option.

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