AKAI MPC Software Expansion Gold Dust v. 1.0.4 WiN

AudioZ Exclusive | Presets | 1.08 GB

全新的 MPC Gold-Dust 扩展包将世界上最好的 Beat Making 声音设计师集合在一个至尊包中,提供最难击中 MPC 的鼓和样本!!我们与格莱美制作人 Snipe Young、领先的声音设计师 (MSX Audio)、Lo-Fi/TrapSoul 制作人 (Jet-Set) 和行业 BoomBap OG 的 Rawcutz 合作 – 将这个包变成了 Pure Gold。

Gold-Dust 交付了 100 个完全 MPC 就绪的新套件,所有这些套件都已完全分配和优化,以便您锁定并加载到您的 MPC 打击垫上!

您会发现今天来自 Snipe Young 的首选 Drum Sounds 以及最前沿的循环和旋律,以启动您的制作。 Snipe 现在与游戏中一些最大的 HipHop/RnB 艺术家合作,一直是制作界的头条新闻! Snipe 带来了 40 个套件,将带您进入今天的生产口袋!

无需任何介绍——MSX Audio 已通过标志性的 Soul Provider 系列将其经典的深情 RnB 风味带入 MPC。 MSX 为您的 MPC 带来 24 个全新的深情套件,每个套件都带有强大的鼓点、休息、旋律、吉他和勇气!

Jet-Set – 凭借其令人难以置信的 Lo-Fi 声音与 Trap-Soul 的融合……Jet-Set 在 Gold-Dust 中带来了 15 个光滑柔滑的套件。每个套件都为 Rnb TrapSoul Melodics 提供了 Lo-Fi 剪辑和大气人声的混合……所有都添加了硬声鼓,为您提供即时基础!

Rawcutz – MPC 的 OG 将他们经典的 90 年代 BoomBap 声音带入了 Gold-Dust 的 20 个独家套件。在每个套件中,您将听到从坚韧不拔的 Rhode 打击乐、Chords、Bass Chaps 到那些经典的旧 skool 踢腿、军鼓和生锈的帽子的一切.每个套件都经过重新采样和处理,创造出 90 年代的怀旧声音。


The brand new Gold-Dust Expansion pack for MPC brings together a collection of the world’s best Beat Making sound designers inside one supreme pack delivering the hardest drums and samples to hit MPC!! We’ve collaborated with Grammy producer Snipe Young, leading sound designers (MSX Audio), Lo-Fi/TrapSoul Producer (Jet-Set) and industry BoomBap OG’s Rawcutz – turning this pack into Pure Gold.

Gold-Dust deliveries 100 new kits fully MPC ready which have all be fully assigned and optimized for you to lock and load onto your MPC pads!

You’ll discover today’s go-to Drum Sounds from Snipe Young along with cutting edge loops and melodics to kick start your productions. Snipe has been headlining the production world by working with some of the biggest HipHop/RnB artists in the game right now! Snipe brings 40 kits that will bring you into today’s production pockets!

Without any introductions needed – MSX Audio has been bringing their classic soulful RnB flavours to MPC with the iconic Soul Provider series. MSX bring 24 brand new soulful kits each with powerful Drum Hits, Breaks, Melodics, Guitars and grit to your MPC!

Jet-Set – With their incredible Lo-Fi sound blended with Trap-Soul …..Jet-Set brings 15 smooth and silky kits inside Gold-Dust. Each kit delivers a mixture of Lo-Fi cuts with an atmospheric vocal chop to Rnb TrapSoul Melodics…..All added with hard sonic drums giving you an instant foundation!

Rawcutz – The OG’s of MPC bring their classic 90s BoomBap sound inside Gold-Dust with 20 exclusive kits.Inside each kit, you’ll hear everything from gritty Rhode hits, Chords, Bass chops to those classic old skool kicks, snares and rusty hats. Each kit has been re-sampled and processed creating the nostalgic sounds of the 90s.

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