AI生成和弦旋律工具 – Unison MIDI Wizard v1.1.25 WIN

Unison MIDI Wizard v1.1.25-R2R | 21.8MB

“制作 30 种类型热门歌曲并获得无限灵感的神奇方法”
– 立即生成 30 种音乐类型中无限的、值得一听的和弦进行和旋律
– 获得巨大的不公平竞争优势,以便您最终获得应得的戏剧
– 无限灵感触手可及,让您永远不会再次遇到创意障碍
– 通过访问尖端算法的力量将您的音乐超越人类极限
– Fuse Together不同流派找到你的独特的声音,在人群中脱颖而出

这类型特异的实际上在 93% 的情况下听起来不错


这就是为什么像“The Box”、“God’s Plan”和“Thank U, Next”这样的 Billboard #1 歌曲都是建立在一个单一的、伟大的和弦进程上的。

使用 MIDI 向导,您将能够通过自定义生成的优美和弦进行吸引听众。

从基本到复杂,再到极其高级 – 您将拥有触手可及的无限可能性。

“The Magic Way To Produce Hit Songs In 30 Genres & Get Infinite Inspiration”
– Instantly Generate Unlimited, Hit-Worthy chord progressions & melodies in 30 genres of music
– Gain A Huge Unfair Competitive Advantage so you can finally get the plays you deserve
– ​Supercharge Your Workflow & Creative Process to finish double the music in half the time
– Have Infinite Inspiration At Your Fingertips so you never run into a creative block again
– Push Your Music Beyond Human Limits by accessing the power of cutting edge algorithms
– Fuse Together Different Genres to find your unique sound and stand out from the crowd

The World’s First (And Only) Chord Progression & Melody Generator
That’s Genre-Specific & Actually Sounds Good 93% Of The Time

Instantly Generate
Crazy Chord Progressions
Chord progressions are the foundation for any hit song.

That’s why Billboard #1 songs like “The Box” “God’s Plan” and “Thank U, Next” are founded upon on a single, great chord progression.

With MIDI Wizard, you’ll be able to captivate your listeners with custom-generated, beautiful chord progressions.

From basic, to complex to insanely advanced — you’ll have unlimited possibilities at your fingertips.

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