Ableton 11如何制作电音轨道教程 – Ableton 11 How To Make An Electro Track TUTORiAL

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Omar 还可以教您有用的技能,例如如何在俱乐部和酒吧等困难但重要的地方建立网络,以帮助您获得第一次演出。他还擅长Workflow,他可以教你如何更快地制作曲目,他每天至少制作一首曲目,平均每天制作三首曲目,过去一年他完成了400多首曲目,他也掌握了自己的作品并制作自己的艺术品。无论您想在音乐行业学习什么,无论是在朋友面前、在俱乐部、酒吧或家庭聚会中进行 DJ,还是使用 Ableton 进行现场表演、使用 Push 2 或制作自己的曲目成套使用。他还可以从零开始教你 DJ 或音乐制作,因为他自学并在这两方面都取得了巨大的成功。这对于任何学习将他们的技能提升到新水平的人来说都是完美的。

了解有关 Omar Meho 的更多信息 – 标签所有者、图形设计师、母带工程师、作曲家、DJ

世界知名的 Omar Meho 将保证您作为 DJ 或制作人的成功。他有他自己的经验,他可以教给你宝贵的经验,你在其他地方都学不到。作为一名多流派 DJ/制作人,在电台和国际驻地播放曲目。这是一个值得关注的。 Music Workflow Academy 的老板自学了如何 DJ 和从头开始制作。他发现这非常困难,并且觉得 Youtube 上没有人能够适当地教他或拥有他想要的声音,所以他自学了。他在大学期间在布莱顿最臭名昭著的俱乐部之一的墓地中获得了他的第一个居住权。然后,他继续在英国布莱顿的几乎所有俱乐部踢球,然后征服了英国伦敦和现在的英国曼彻斯特。他自学了如何混合各种流派并使用 Ableton,现在他可以教你了。在行业的各个方面都取得了成功,这是一个值得学习的好人。


•了解 Ableton


Omar can also teach you useful skills such as how to network in difficult but crucial places such as Clubs and Bars to help you get your first gig. He also specialises in Workflow where he can teach you how to make tracks quicker, he makes at least one track a day, averaging three tracks a day, he has made more than 400 finished tracks in the past year, he also masters his own work and makes his own artwork. This is the man for the job for whatever you want to learn in the Music Industry be it DJing in front of friends, in clubs, bars or house parties or using Ableton to play live sets, use the Push 2 or make your own tracks to use in sets. He can also teach you DJing or Music Production from scratch because he taught himself and has obtained massive success in both. This is perfect for anyone learning to take their skills to the next level.

Learn More About Omar Meho – Label Owner, Graphics Designer, Mastering Engineer, Composer, DJ

World Renowned Omar Meho will guarantee your success as a DJ or Producer. He has his own experiences in which he can teach you valuable lessons you can learn nowhere else. Being a Multi-Genre DJ/Producer with tracks being played on the radio and international residencies. This is one to watch. The owner of Music Workflow Academy taught himself how to DJ and Produce from Scratch. He found it extremely difficult and felt no one on Youtube was at the level to appropriately teach him or have the sound he desired, so he taught himself. He landed his first Residency during university playing the graveyard set in one of Brighton’s most infamous clubs. He then went on to play at pretty much every club in Brighton, U.K to then conquer London, U.K and now Manchester, U.K. He taught himself how to mix every genre and use Ableton and now he can teach you. With success in every facet of the industry, this is a great person to learn from.

What you’ll learn

•Learn How To Make An Electro Track
•Learn About Ableton
•Learn About Different Music Genre’s
•Learn About Audio And MIDI.

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