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Dear Reality dearVR MUSIC v1.4.1 macOS-SPTNDC| 122.2 MB

大多数人可能会在耳塞和耳机上收听您的混音。这是让他们用 3D 音乐震撼心灵的完美设置——如果只有一个插件可以做到这一点……好吧,准备好进入第 3 维!

DearVR 音乐打破了立体声和平面环绕声的束缚,将您的 DAW 变成了 3D 虚拟现实引擎。

不需要高级工程印章。将dearVR 音乐加载到混音中的轨道上,然后选择18 种原始虚拟声学预设中的一种。然后只需在插件的直观界面中拖动鼠标,即可将音轨放置在听者的后方或前方、头顶或头下方、向左或向右、靠近或远离——在 3D 声场中的任何角度和距离- 使用传统立体声耳机进行令人兴奋的播放。

使用dearVR 音乐,您可以创建一个虚拟的3D 世界,您的歌手和音乐家可以在其中实时坐着或四处闲逛。在 18 个虚拟声学环境中的任何一个中移动每个轨道 – 包括音乐厅、教堂、舞台、鼓室等。您的 DAW 的自动化功能会实时记录您的动作。每个插件实例都可以立即独立地调用每个环境,让您将每个轨道放置在不同的空间中。您甚至可以使用调整大小、阻尼以及早期反射和漫反射混响平衡的控件来更改每个虚拟空间的形状和尺寸。

DearVR 音乐还以 4 声道 Ambisonics 格式输出最高质量的 3D 音频,用于 360 度 YouTube 视频的配乐。观看您的引领潮流的 3D 混音在社交媒体上传播开来,因为您实际上是在您的竞争对手周围跑来跑去。不需要它是 3D 吗?DearVR 音乐优美的虚拟环境也可以像立体声格式的传统混响一样使用,使它们在音乐制作中的实用性加倍。与在 DAW 中为混响插件设置辅助、效果发送、声像控制和湿/干平衡相比,使用该插件的图形 XYZ 垫在这些美丽的空间内用鼠标拖动您的轨道更快、更容易、更简单。

需要更多选择和权力?对于在虚拟现实或增强现实领域工作的专业人士,Dear Reality 最先进的 DearVR pro 插件提供了扩展控制集、近四打虚拟声学环境、实时响应不断变化的定位的虚拟反射以及更多输出可供选择的格式。

DearVR 音乐是您进入沉浸式媒体音频制作的流线型入口。滚出你的脑袋。

不需要 PA 许可证或 KeyGen。

Most people probably listen to your mixes on earbuds and headphones. It’s the perfect setup for blowing their minds with music in 3D – if only a plugin could do that… well, prepare to enter the 3rd dimension!

dearVR music breaks the shackles of stereo and planar surround sound to turn your DAW into a 3D virtual reality powerhouse.

No advanced engineering chops are needed. Load dearVR music onto a track in your mix and choose one of 18 pristine virtual acoustic presets. Then simply drag your mouse around in the plugin’s intuitive interface to position the track virtually behind or in front of the listener, above or below their head, to the left or right, closer or farther away—at any angle and distance in a 3D soundstage—for mind-blowing playback using conventional stereo headphones.

With dearVR music, you create a virtual, three-dimensional world in which your singers and musicians sit—or roam around in real time. Move each track inside any of 18 virtual acoustic environments—including a concert hall, church, stage, drum room and more. Your DAW’s automation records your moves in real time. Each environment is instantly and independently recallable per plugin instance, letting you place each track in a different space. You can even change the shape and dimensions of each virtual space using controls that adjust its size, damping, and balance of early reflections and diffuse reverb.

dearVR music also outputs the highest quality 3D audio in 4-channel Ambisonics format, used in soundtracks for 360-degree YouTube videos. Watch your trendsetting 3D mixes go viral on social media, as you literally run circles around your competition. Don’t need it to be 3D? dearVR music’s beautiful virtual environments can also be used like conventional reverbs in stereo format, doubling their usefulness for music production. And mouse-dragging your track inside those beautiful spaces using the plugin’s graphical XYZ pad is way faster, easier and simpler than setting up an aux, effects send, pan controls and wet/dry balance for a reverb plugin in your DAW.

Need more options and power? For pros working in virtual reality or augmented reality, Dear Reality’s state-of-the-art dearVR pro plugin offers an extended control set, nearly four dozen virtual acoustic environments, virtual reflections that respond in real time to changing positioning, and many more output formats to choose from.

dearVR music is your streamlined entryway into immersive media audio production. Get out of your head.

Doesn’t require a PA license or KeyGen.

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