[氛围EDM-Future Bass+合成器预置+LIVE工程]Echo Sound Works Ashes Vol 1 [WAV, MiDi](1.91Gb)


Echo Sound Works的Ashes是一种革命性的声音,预设,样本等集合,可以激发您的创造力。经过四个月的艰苦工作,漫长的日子,短暂的夜晚和咖啡因的过量服用,您将获得迄今为止最大,最有力的声音设置。灰烬一个3.5 GB的幸福!它带有95个NI Massive预设和115个Serum补丁,以及许多鼓舞人心且易于使用的赠品。

ESW声音设置的首要要求是添加构造套件,而Ashes并不令人失望。它带有3个演示工具包。 Ashes是Xfer Records Serum和NI Massive的流派弯曲音效,将Future Bass和主流EDM推向了新的境界。受Illenium和Gryffin的启发,它既是部分装修,又是周围环境,又是部分岩石。


除了制作工具包和50个MIDI文件外,我们还提供了2个Ableton Live模板,您可以从制作中学习或免费使用它们。共有215个以上的鼓采样以及从演示歌曲中获取的鼓循环。



格式:WAV / MIDI / DAW模板/教程/合成器VSTi预设
115 x Xfer记录血清预设
095 x Native Instruments大量预设
215 x鼓样本
095 x吉他环/样品
050 x MIDI文件
003 x施工套件
002 x Ableton动态模板
002 x提示和技巧教程视频
44.1kHz 24位高质量


Ashes by Echo Sound Works is a revolutionary collection of soundspresetssamples, and more, that will inspire you to push your creativity. After four months of painstakingly work, long days, short nights and regular overdoses on caffeine, you get of our largest and powerful soundset to date. Ashes ia a 3.5 GB of sound bliss! It comes with 95 NI Massive presets and 115 Serum patches and a bunch of inspirational and easy to use bonuse.

A top request for ESW soundsets has been to add construction kits and Ashes doesn’t disappoint. It comes with 3 construction kits from the demo. Ashes is the genre bending soundset for both Xfer Records Serum and NI Massive, pushing Future Bass and mainstream EDM into new boundaries. Inspired by Illenium and Gryffin, it is part uplifiting, part ambient and part rock.

Instead of recreating sounds they’ve already used in their productions, we set out to make sounds that Illenium or Gryffin would actually want to use. We pushed each synth to it’s limits to bring you the most diverse set of presets. From drop defining chord patches and mix-ready leads to insane key patches and chill pads, this pack has it all. We carefully assigned macros for both synths so you have control over all important elements of any patch.

We’ve also included 2 Ableton Live Templates in addition to the construction kits and the 50 MIDI files that you can learn from or use royalty free in your productions. There are over 215 total drum samples as well as drum loops taken from the demo songs.

► Bonus 1: Indie Guitars
A huge element to both of their sound is the use of guitars. That’s why I personally made a bonus for Ashes called ESW Indie Guitars. It comes with over 95 guitar loops, separated into song kits. Don’t play guitar or don’t know any good guitarists? Use these instead. These are the guitars heard in the demo songs.

► Bonus 2: Indie Drums
They both also use real acoustic drums to accent harder hitting EDM sounds. That’s why another free bonus for the pack is our custom drum library called ESW Indie Drums. It comes with a bunch of unique acoustic drum samples and loops.

Product Specifications

Format: WAVs/MIDIs/DAW Template/Tutorial/Synthesizer VSTi Presets
115 x Xfer Records Serum Presets
095 x Native Instruments Massive Presets
215 x Drum Samples
095 x Guitar Loops/Samples
050 x MIDIs Files
003 x Construction Kits
002 x Ableton Live Templates
002 x Tip And Trick Tutorial Videos
Key And Tempo-Labelled
44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
Compatible With All DAWs
PC & Mac Compatible




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