披头士时代的经典英式压缩器 – Soundevice Digital Royal Compressor v1.10 / v1.4 [WiN, MacOSX]

WiN: Team R2R | 19 Sep 2020 | 12.4MB
MAC: Team R2R | 04 October 2019 | 15.5 MB

之前已经做过很多次了,但是这一点很重要。自60年代以来,Royal Compressor提供了真正的老式模拟声音和感觉,是甲壳虫乐队时代的经典英式设备的典范,并提供了绝佳的模拟效果和灵感。每条音轨真正都需要令人愉悦的饱和度和灵敏的压缩。




回到模拟时代,必须手动完成每种混合,必须保持尽可能少的控制。 Royal Compressor恪守这一理念。那些旋钮对您的声音有很大的影响,并几乎立刻就能传递出老式的声音和感觉。


A / B / C模型旋钮可让您有机会在三种具有固定攻击值的电路模型之间进行切换。




与原始老式设备不同,Royal Compressor还具有可调节阀饱和度的功能。随机饱和算法会产生真实硬件对您的音轨产生的影响。


尽管Royal Compressor在内部采样率较高的情况下运行,但现代的模拟技术使其能够以最低的CPU功率提供出色的声音。



United Plugins已更新其插件,以改善与Windows和macOS上最新DAW的兼容性。

Hyperspace,FireCobra和Royal Compressor更新到v1.5,而效果家族(Front DAW)中最年轻的成员达到v1.2。


ECO模式使插件使用的CPU减少了25%,并且In and Out仪表将为用户带来更多舒适感。

此更新对Windows版本核心进行了较小的改进。但是对于macOS用户来说,这是个好消息。 United插件已经越过了障碍

It’s been done many times before, but this one nails it. A fantastic emulation and the Inspired a model of the classic British device from the Beatles era used on hundreds of record since the sixties Royal Compressor delivers true vintage analog sound and feel. Pleasant saturation and sensitive compression is something every track really needs.

Vari-mu Compression

The simulation of the vari-mu circuits delivers warmth and pleasant compression to any kind of audio material. It’s more than just suitable for vocals, bass, drums on both insert and bus.

Just a Few Knobs

Back in the analogue days when every mix had to be achieved manually, it was necessary, to keep as few controls as possible. Royal Compressor honours this philosophy. Those few knobs have a massive impact on your sound and deliver the vintage sound and feel almost instantly.

Three Circuit Types

The A/B/C Model knob offers gives you a chance to switch between three models of circuitry with a different value of the fixed attack.

Automatic Gain Control

Worry about the volume no more. The AGC keeps the output signal at the same level no matter how much input gain you add to get some serious saturation. Changing colour doesn’t change the output volume then.

The Saturator

Unlike the original vintage devices, Royal Compressor also features an adjustable amount of valve saturation. The random saturation algorithm creates the effect the real hardware would have on your tracks.

CPU Friendly

Although Royal Compressor operates using high internal sample rate, the modern simulation technology allows it to deliver great sound using the minimum CPU power.

Second-Hand Edition for free

Even partly broken machines can serve well in many studios. Although their functionality can be limited to just one feature, they may give your records something extra. And that is exactly the case of the second-hand version of our Royal Compressor.

United Plugins has updated its plug-ins to improve the compatibility with most recent DAWs on both Windows and macOS.

Hyperspace, FireCobra and Royal Compressor are updated to v1.5 while the youngest member of the effects family (Front DAW) reaches v1.2.

JMG Sound Hyperspace has changed significantly. It has got brand new graphics and gained a few new features. All values can now be clicked and dragged to change value.

ECO mode makes the plugin use 25% less CPU and In and Out meters will give the users some extra comfort.

The updates made minor improvements in Windows versions cores. But there is great news for macOS users. United plugins have crossed the obstacles of




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