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1986 年,合成器天空布满了数字技术。这就是为什么最初的 AX73 以其引以为豪的全模拟信号路径最终在雷达下飞行。 Martinic 吸收了原始 AX73 的优点,并将其提升为功能强大、灵活的软件乐器,适合现代制作人的首选合成器阵容。

这款插件 AX73 (VST/AU) 具有跨越两个合成器层的四个模拟振荡器、独特的调制功能、扩展的性能选项和一个八模块效果器部分,可释放原始硬件的全部功能以及更多功能——无需菜单切换,并且所有这些都通过我们的高级电路仿真技术完美建模。而且,它包括 600 多个鼓舞人心的预设,让您立即开始使用。

面向 21 世纪的界面
Keys View 模拟了原始硬件的外观,也升级了更多功能 – 无需切换菜单!
这些效果可以按照您喜欢的任何顺序进行路由 – 只需通过将它们拖放到 FX 链中来重新排列它们。

AX 范围内其他合成器的最佳元素已被提炼成功能丰富的 AX73 重新诠释。值得注意的例子包括:AX60 的额外合唱设置和琶音器、AX80 的第二个 VCO 和子振荡器,以及扩展到 32′ 的 VCO 八度范围,如 AX60 和 80 中所见。

AX73 插件还提供比原始插件强大得多的调制功能。它具有每层四个包络(其中三个可分配)和每层四个可分配 LFO。考虑到这两层,这提供了强大的八个包络和八个 LFO。

独特的是,AX73 有两层,可以在键盘上分开 – 允许您同时演奏两个 Patch – 或堆叠,提供额外的声音设计维度。而且,每一层都有自己的独立琶音器,内置 11 种模式 – 包括一些不寻常的模式,例如 Shuffle 和 Improv – 您可以使用它们来快速创建旋律。


In 1986, the synth skies were studded with digital technology. That’s why the original AX73, with its proudly all-analog signal path ended up flying under the radar. Martinic has taken what was great about the original AX73 and elevated it into a powerful, flexible software instrument that fits right into the modern producer’s lineup of go-to synths.

With four analog oscillators across two synth layers, unique modulation features, extended performance options, and an eight-module effects section, this plugin AX73 (VST/AU) unleashes the full power of the original hardware and more – no menu diving required, and all perfectly modeled through our Advanced Circuitry Emulation technology. And, it includes a generous lineup of 600+ inspiring presets to get you started right away.

An interface for the 21st century
Settings View offers a clean, easy-to-use set of parameters for quick editing.
The Keys View, which emulates the look of the original hardware, has also been upgraded with many more functions – no menu-diving required!
The robust Preset Manager allows you to quickly save and sort your favorite presets into “collections” that you can easily export and share with friends!
New Effects Section
Process the synth’s output with eight built-in effects units:
Compressor, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Distortion, and EQ
​These effects can be routed in any order you like – simply rearrange them by dragging and dropping them in the FX Chain.

Something Borrowed
The best elements from other synths in the AX range have been distilled into a feature-rich reinterpretation of the AX73. Notable examples include: extra chorus settings and the arpeggiator from the AX60, a second VCO and sub-oscillator from the AX80, and an extended VCO octave range down to 32’, as seen in both the AX60 and 80.

Mod Power!
The AX73 plugin also offers far greater modulation capabilities than the original. It features four envelopes per layer (three of which are assignable), and four assignable LFOs per layer. Taking both layers into account, this gives a formidable eight envelopes and eight LFOs.

Split or Stack Layers to build your sound
Uniquely, the AX73 has two layers that can be split across the keyboard – allowing you to play two patches simultaneously – or stacked, providing an extra dimension of sound design. And, each layer has its own independent arpeggiator with 11 built-in modes – including some unusual modes such as Shuffle and Improv – that you can use to quickly create melodies.


Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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