喷火竖琴 – Spitfire Skaila Kanga Harp for Kontakt

Kontakt | 6.15 GB

由伦敦著名竖琴演奏家Skaila Kanga表演的详细,精美的竖琴库。它是由Spitfire的专业开发人员团队精心编成的,在伦敦Air Studios令人回味的大厅录制,可立即播放。
我们与顶尖的竖琴演奏家Skaila Kanga合作,创建了这个美丽而详尽的竖琴库,并记录在Air Studios令人回味的大厅中。斯凯拉(Skaila)是伦敦的第一位竖琴演奏家,曾在众多电影配乐中演出,例如《死亡的一天》,《冷山》,《蝙蝠侠》,《达芬奇密码》,《哈利·波特》,《巧克力》和《小时》,以及甲壳虫乐队的会议工作,比约克,艾尔顿·约翰和乔尼·米切尔。结合Spitfire制作和策划充满生命力的样本的能力,Spitfire Harp可立即播放,使其成为任何复杂的媒体作曲家的必备工具。
该库具有多个轮循机制和动态层,以易于使用的GUI呈现。竖琴踏板可让您更轻松地从键盘弹奏自己的横扫和刺耳音-您现在可以以图形方式设置竖琴踏板,只演奏白色音符。除了击打式单音的惊人选择之外,还可以在以下琴键的每个音阶上演奏刺耳音:大,小和声,小旋律,五音,减弱,整体音调。我们已经记录了上下的完整扫描,快和慢,将竖琴分为四个寄存器,然后记录了上下涡旋形的眼神。此外,我们还为您提供了一组超乎寻常的“ Harposphere”贴片-由我们原始的有机唱片创建的精美垫板和纹理。
我们提供了一系列详细的混音选项,使您可以使声音变干或使其更环境化,同时保留声学完整性以及一致的麦克风设置和房间配置的视角。所有乐器都可以从前面板混合和/或静音麦克风位置:关闭麦克风,Decca Tree和环境支腿。将这些点路由到您的中央通道,L&R中的Tree和Ls&Rs中的Ambients,您还可以使用完美的5.0打击乐器。或者只是保持立体声并根据口味混合。所有控件都可以完全自动化。所有乐器都进行了详细采样,但设计为可立即播放,可轻松集成到较大的排列和模板中,而无需冒过多的系统资源风险。
Spitfire的Definitive Range旨在为世界提供一站式商店,以供伟大人士演奏经典和深奥的乐器。由于所有这些乐器都是在同一房间内原地录制的,因此它们被设计成以声音形式锁定在一起-由Air Studios Lyndhurst Hall的Jake Jackson通过Neve“ Montserrat”前置放大器通过一系列老式麦克风录制到一台保养精美的Studer 2英寸磁带机,然后通过Prism AD转换器将其转换为96k数字。

A detailed, beautiful harp library performed by London’s leading harpist, Skaila Kanga. Recorded at London’s resonant Hall at Air Studios, it has been ingeniously scripted by Spitfire’s expert team of developers to be instantly playable.
We teamed up with leading virtuoso harpist, Skaila Kanga, to create this beautiful and detailed harp library, recorded in the resonant Hall at Air Studios. Skaila is the first call harpist in London, having played on numerous film scores, such as Die Another Day, Cold Mountain, Batman Begins, The Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter, Chocolat and The Hours, as well as session work for The Beatles, Björk, Elton John and Joni Mitchell. Coupled with Spitfire’s ability to produce and curate samples that sparkle with life, Spitfire Harp is instantly playable, making it a must have for any sophisticated media composer.
The library features multiple round robins and dynamic layers, presented in an easy to use GUI. Harp pedalling is available to make it even easier to play your own sweeps and glisses right from the keyboard — you can now set the harp pedals graphically, and just play the white notes. Alongside a stunning selection of single hit articulations, glisses are playable in every key, in the following scales: major, minor harmonic, minor melodic, pentatonic, diminished, whole tone. We have recorded full sweeps up and down, fast and slow, split the harp into four registers, and then recorded a swirly gliss, up and down. In addition, we give you an otherworldly set of ‘Harposphere’ patches – beautiful pads and textures created from our original organic recordings.
Detail & Beauty
We provide a series of detailed mixing options that allow you to dry the sound up or make it more ambient, whilst preserving the acoustic integrity and perspective of a consistent microphone set up and room configuration. All instruments have the ability to mix and/or mute mic positions from the front panel: Close mics, Decca Tree and Ambient Outriggers. Route the spots into your centre channel, the Tree in L&R, and the Ambients in Ls & Rs, and you also have a perfect 5.0 percussion instrument. Or simply keep in stereo and mix according to taste. All controls can be fully automated. The instruments are all sampled in great detail but designed to be instantly playable, with simple integration into larger arrangements and templates without risk of demanding too much from your system resources.
Spitfire’s Definitive Range aims to offer the world a one-stop shop for classic and esoteric instruments played by the greats. As all these instruments are recorded in situ, in the same room, they’re designed to lock together sonically — recorded by Jake Jackson at Lyndhurst Hall, Air Studios, through an array of vintage microphones via Neve “Montserrat” pre-amps, to a beautifully serviced Studer 2” tape machine and then into digital at 96k via Prism AD converters.

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