合成器 – ZynAddSubFX Zyn-Fusion 3.0.6 WiN X64 VSTi + Standalone

ZynAddSubFX Zyn-Fusion 3.0.6 WiN X64 VSTi + Standalone| 11.36 MB

你没听过 Zyn 吗?ZynAddSubFX 合成器项目由 Paul Nasca Octavia 于近 15 年前首次发布,具有如此令人难以置信的功能集(温暖的模拟声音、强大的调制和一套完整的内置效果),它很快成为软件的基准能够。再加上它是开源和免费的,你就会明白为什么 Zyn 在 15 年后仍然具有相关性。经过多年为 3.0 版本完成的积极维护和重构,Zyn-Fusion 是一个最新的、经典的、音频强国。

3 个强大的、可混合的、混合的、抗锯齿的合成引擎
8 个振荡器/声音具有极其灵活的波形控制
8 个附加调制振荡器(LFO、AM、PM 或 FM)
8 个具有自由绘制模式的包络
22 种滤波器类型,包括模拟、共振峰和状态变量
4 个具有自由绘制模式的包络发生器
PadSynth 对打击
16 声部多音色,带套件和/或分层模式
8 个内置可路由、可重复使用的效果
1000 多个质量预设

Zyn 受到难以使用的界面和不稳定的非官方插件版本的困扰。Fusion 通过完全重新设计和重写解决了这些问题。在新的自定义窗口工具包 zest 的支持下,Zyn 现在可以用于任何平台。通过将 UI 与合成引擎完全分离,Zyn-Fusion 实现了强大的功能,例如官方支持的新 VST 插件版本、通过触摸屏上的 UI 远程控制无头 CPU,甚至控制单个声音引擎的多个 UI 窗口. 通过将 28 个细粒度控制窗口融合为一个,Zyn 现在可以通过选项卡式视图的单一窗口设计进行控制,以实现一致、可导航的界面。您认为您以前听过这些声音,但您从未有过 Fusion 的精确控制。

跨平台 – Windows、Linux(以及很快的 OSX)
多种格式 – VST、LV2、独立、无头/远程
移除演示限制:在 GUI 处于活动状态 (libzest.dll) 10 分钟后,注释被删除。关闭/重新打开 GUI 会重置计时器,这可能会导致混淆。

Haven’t You Heard Zyn?
The ZynAddSubFX synthesizer project was first released nearly 15 years ago by Paul Nasca Octavia with such an incredible feature set (warm, analog sound, powerful modulation, and a complete set of built-in effects), it quickly became a benchmark for what software is capable of. Add in the fact it was open-source and free and you will understand why Zyn is still relevant a decade and a half later. With years of active maintenance and refactoring completed for the 3.0 release, Zyn-Fusion is an up-to-date, classic, audio-powerhouse.

Pre-existing Features:
3 Powerful, Mixable, Hybrid, Anti-Aliased Synthesis Engines
8 Oscillators/Voices with enormously flexible waveform control
8 Additional Modulation Oscillators (LFO, AM, PM, or FM)
8 Envelopes with free drawing mode
22 Filter types including analog, formant, and state variable
4 Envelope generators with free drawing mode
Novel noise filtering/shaping oscillators for sophisticated waveform design
Detailed sculpting of pad harmonic spread
Excellent support for non-harmonic instruments
Easy to create lush wide pads
16 Part Multitimbral with Kit and/or Layered Modes
Tweakable Analog Warmth with Randomness settings
8 Built-In Routable, Reuseable Effects
Fully Open-Source Sound Engine
1000+ quality presets
Much, Much More

Modernizing a Synth Ahead of Its Time
Zyn was plagued with a difficult to use interface and unstable, unofficial plugin versions. Fusion blows those issues away with a complete redesign and rewrite. Powered by a new custom window toolkit: zest, Zyn is now ready for any platform. With total separation of the UI from the synthesis engine Zyn-Fusion is enabling powerful features such as the new, officially-supported VST plugin version, remote control of a headless CPU with the UI on touchscreen, even multiple UI windows controlling a single sound engine. By fusing 28 windows of fine grained control into one, Zyn is now controlled with a single window design of tabbed views for a consistent, navigable interface. You think you’ve heard the sounds before, but you’ve never had the precision control of Fusion.

New Features:
Beautiful, responsive, single-window interface
Touchscreen-ready consistent look and feel
Enhanced navigation and layout in all subviews
Cross-Platform – Windows, Linux (and soon OSX)
Multiple Format – VST, LV2, Standalone, Headless/Remote
Demo limits removed: After 10 minutes of GUI being active (libzest.dll), notes gets cut out. Closing/reopening GUI resets the timer which may cause confusion.

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