合成器 – Wide Blue Sound Elysium v1.1 KONTAKT-DECiBEL

Team DECiBEL | 12 Oct 2021 | 3.29GB

隆重推出 ELYSIUM,这是一款鼓舞人心的合成器,将音调节奏与优美的声音相结合,呈现被誉为“可能性的乌托邦”。 Elysium 以一种全新的方式来创造惊人的脉冲、优美的有机琶音、不断发展的打击垫和独一无二的混合乐器,市场上的任何其他合成器都无法复制。



Elysium 开创性的、广受好评的 UI 旨在以最少的阻力为您提供最大的功能和灵活性。

– 有史以来最受启发的乐器之一
– 来自广受欢迎的制作人的 300 多个曲目开始预设
– 数以百计的深度采样键盘、木槌、现场弦乐、标志性合成器等

Elysium 非常适合:
– 您期望从一流的合成器或样本库中获得的声音,但具有直观、高效的 UX 用于声音设计并保持声音有趣 – 随着时间的推移,您是听众感兴趣的。
– 美丽的不断变化的氛围,融合了微妙的音调节奏。
– 创意独特的琶音器、一键式音序器和全新的 Global Tide。快速生成令人愉悦的琶音、有力的 303 贝司或任何节奏元素,具有适合任何现代曲目的无可挑剔的无线电就绪声音设计。
– 轻松制作充满个性的有趣补丁和序列。

– 3.54 GB(压缩)
– 数以百计的深度采样声源
– Perc 层,最多同时包含 3 个声源(主、变形和低音)
– 多模式高切和低切,长度控制
– Perc 层高级进化控制(模拟、通量、传播)
– 合成层同时具有多达 4 个声源
– 11 种过滤器类型,包括传统、字符/饱和度过滤器和定制的创意过滤器类型
– 合成层三重引擎模式(脉冲、斩波)
– 相位音序器,具有多达 16 步、摇摆和每步声音选择器、重音、音高和动作控制(双击/三击,以及各种攻击/延音控制)
– 具有全方位声音预览、情绪和源标签的创新声音浏览器。取消按钮撤消更改。
– 生成面板以通过算法创建基于情绪的声音选择 + 新效果链。
– FX 部分,可访问 31 个单块效果器、放大器、调制效果、延迟、混响、600 多个卷积预设、均衡器、算法生成 FX 链等。
– 带有全新 Global Tide 的动态页面、可轻松访问 130 个 mod 目的地的 6 个动态音序器、一键生成+编辑功能等。
– 友好的终身支持
– 通过 Native Access 轻松安装和更新。
– 完整的 NKS 支持。
– 可以选择稍后使用官方扩展器扩展 Elysium

Elysium 为 3.5 GB(压缩)并在免费的 Kontakt Player 6.4.2+ 中运行。完整的 Kontakt 6.4.2+ 也能正常工作。


Motion has Evolved
Introducing ELYSIUM, an inspiring synthesizer that combines tonal rhythms with beautiful sounds to present what has been heralded as a “utopia of possibility”. With an entirely new way to create striking pulses, beautiful organic arpeggios, evolving pads, and one-of-a-kind hybrid instruments, Elysium simply cannot be replicated by any other synth on the market.

A Playground of Movement
Some of the biggest synths end up being preset synths, with features built for the patch designers instead of the users. Elysium is different.

Enter a galaxy of generators, macro knobs, and more fun ways to create sounds with movement, where even your most basic patches sound more alive than they would in any other synth.

Elysium’s groundbreaking, critically-acclaimed UI is designed to give you the most power and flexibility with the least amount of resistance.

What you get:
– One of the most inspired instruments ever created
– Over 300 track-starting presets from sought-after producers
– Hundreds of deep-sampled keyboards, mallets, live strings, iconic synths and more

Elysium is perfect for:
– The sounds you’d expect from a top-notch synth or sample library, but with an intuitive, hyper-efficient UX for sound design and keeping sounds interesting -and you’re listeners interested- over time.
– Beautiful evolving atmospheres with subtle tonal rhythms blended in.
– A creative, unique arpeggiator, one-click Sequencers and the all-new Global Tide. Quickly generate blissful arps, hard-hitting 303 basses, or any rhythmic element with impeccable, radio-ready sound design that fits into any modern track.
– Easily make fun patches and sequences that are oozing with character.

– 3.54 GB (Compressed)
– Hundreds of deep-sampled soundsources
– Perc layer with up to 3 soundsources at once (Main, Morph and Bass)
– Multi-mode high-cut and low-cut, Length control
– Perc layer advanced evolution controls (Analog, Flux, Spread)
– Synth layer with up to 4 soundsources at once
– 11 filter types, both traditional, character/saturation filters and bespoke creative filter types
– Synth layer triple engine mode (Pulse, Chop Flow)
– Phase Sequencer with up to 16 steps, swing, and per-step Sound Selector, Accents, Pitch, and Action Controls (double/triple hit, and various attack/sustain controls)
– Innovative Sound Browser with full-range sound preview, mood and source tags. Cancel button to undo changes.
– Generate panel for algorithmically creating mood-based sound selections + new effect chains.
– FX section with access to 31 stompboxes, amps, modulation effects, delays, reverbs, 600+ convolution presets, EQ, algorithmic Generate FX chain, and more.
– Motion Page with all-new Global Tide, 6 Motion Sequencers with easy access to 130 mod destinations, one-click generate+editing functionality, and more.
– Friendly, lifetime support
– Easy installation and updates via Native Access.
– Full NKS support.
– Option to expand Elysium later with Official Expanders

Elysium is 3.5 GB (compressed) and runs inside the free Kontakt Player 6.4.2+. Full Kontakt 6.4.2+ works as well.

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