合成器 – 8Dio 8DM Flow House Synth Edition KONTAKT

P2P | 30 May 2020 | 3.01 GB

流房子合成器版卷。 Kontakt的1个包含大量可口的冷淡多重采样Flow House合成器。该库包含超过4.300个样本和3GB的内容,分布在116个超级柏木合成器,主音合成器,打击垫和FX中。

Flow House Synth Edition经过全面设计,可以与我们的Flow House Groove Edition Vol。100%兼容。 1和卷。 2 –在此视频中,我们演示了合成器如何与深层wav-pack一起工作。

Synth Edition还包含我们新的3.1 Chaos FX Engine,3D渲染的布局和超灵活的界面。我们还添加了高级步进音序器和琶音器,并易于访问ADSR,Portamento和Stack等首页功能。堆叠使您只需单击即可组合多个合成器,并在几秒钟内轻松创建完美的音色。

Flow House合成器浏览器
Flow House Synths包含一个直观的浏览环境,所有修补程序均已加载到RAM中。这使您只需单击一下鼠标即可快速浏览所有补丁程序,而无需加载时间。您还可以从前端界面即时访问滑音(滑音),堆叠,ADSR,音量和音高调制等功能。这样做的目的是使所有内容都可以从首页轻松访问,同时也为想要深入研究的任何人提供对合成器的完全控制。

堆叠是浏览合成器的新方法。本质上,它允许您实时堆叠多个补丁。我们设计Flow House Synth Edition的方式是将所有补丁都加载到RAM中,因此没有加载时间。堆叠功能使您可以合并任意数量的音色,以找到可以直接插入混音的特定纹理。因此,从本质上讲,您可以比传统合成器更快地浏览,并通过组合多个音色为声音贴上个人印记。

混沌FX 3.1
我们在Flow House Synth Edition中添加了多种新功能,包括步进音序器,高级琶音器,Tra声门,立体声延迟,双重卷积和我们自定义的侧链器-您可以在其中自定义侧链的特定体积曲线鼠标的一个动作。此外,我们还添加了Chaos FX随机化器,使您只需单击一下鼠标即可完全随机化任何效果。如果您想要完全新鲜且不可预测的东西,特别是在应用于多种效果时,这是很棒的。

我们还包括了新的音高调制器,使您可以实时进行令人难以置信的音高调节。您实际上可以通过一次动作制作像鼓一样的合成器声音,并且它是任何想进一步操纵声音的人的强大工具。可从界面首页直接访问所有内容。与我们的Chaos FX模块结合使用时,音调调制效果很好,您可以将任何Flow House合成器真正转换成全新的声音世界。

•独特的8DM 3.0 FX引擎
•要求:Kontakt 5.5(完整零售)或更高版本



Flow House Synth Edition Vol. 1 for Kontakt contains a large set of deliciously chillaxing multi-sampled Flow House Synths. The library contains over 4.300 samples and 3GB of content spread across 116 super phat bass synths, lead synths, pads and FX.

The Flow House Synth Edition is fully designed to be 100% compatible with our Flow House Groove Edition Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 – and in this video we demonstrate how the synths work together with our deep house wav-pack.

The Synth Edition also contains our new 3.1 Chaos FX Engine, 3D rendered layout and hyper flexible interface. We also added advanced step sequencers and arpegiator – and easy to access front page features like ADSR, Portamento and Stack. Stacking allows you to combine multiple synths with a single click and easily create the perfect patch in a matter of seconds.

Flow House Synths Browser
Flow House Synths contains an intuitive browsing environment with all patches loaded into RAM. This allows you to quickly glance through all patches with a single mouse click and no load time. You also have instant access to features like portamento (glide), stacking, ADSR, volume and pitch modulation – all from the front interface. The idea is to make everything easy to access from the front page, but also provide full control over the synth for anyone who wants to dive deeper.

The Power of Stacking
Stacking is a new way of browsing synths. In essence it allows you to stack multiple patches in real-time. We designed the Flow House Synth Edition in such a way that all patches are loaded into RAM, so there is no load time. The stacking function lets you merge as many patches as you want together to find that specific texture that just dials straight into your mix. So in essence you can browse a lot faster then conventional synths and put a personal stamp to the sound by combining multiple patches.

Chaos FX 3.1
We added a variety of new features to the Flow House Synth Edition, including Step Sequencer, Advanced Arpeggiator, Trance Gates, Stereo Delays, Dual Convolutions and our custom Side-Chainer – where you can customize the specific volume curve of your side-chain with a single motion of your mouse. In addition we also added our Chaos FX randomizer, which allows you to completely randomize any effect with a single mouse click. This is great if you want something totally fresh and unpredictable, especially when applied to multiple effects.

We also included our new pitch-modulator, which allows you to do incredible pitch manipulation in real-time. You can literally make a synth sound like a drum with a single motion and its an incredibly powerful tool for anyone interested in manipulating the sounds more. All accessible straight from the front page of the interface. The pitch-modulation is great in combination with our Chaos FX module and you can literally transform any of the Flow House synths into a completely new universe of sounds.

•17 Fully Customizable Groove Kits
•EDM Chart Quality
•577 Flow House Samples (.ncw)
•3D Based User-Interface
•Unique 8DM 3.0 FX Engine
•Logical file organization
•Oneshot samples & Loops
•Requirement: Kontakt 5.5 (Full Retail) or later




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