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低音弦乐 – Soundiron Hyperion Strings Oktobass KONTAKT-ohsie

ohsie | 14 November 2023 | 7.30 GB

Octobass 是音乐会中最低的弦乐器,发出雷鸣般的、震撼房间的咆哮声。 这个 12GB+ 的 Kontakt 库拥有 30 多个演奏法,包括各种延音、短音、动态表达、连奏、效果、任意乐句、鼓舞人心的演奏工具、创意选项和大量自定义空间。

十月低音是最深沉的音乐会弦乐器,发出雷鸣般的、震撼房间的咆哮声。 我们对这个令人骨头嘎嘎作响的野兽进行了采样,构建了一个巨大的虚拟乐器,提供 30 多个演奏法和超过 12GB 的内容。 您会发现各种延音、短片、动态表达、真实连奏、创意效果和数百个任意旋律短语。 作为我们 Hyperion 交响乐系列的一部分,它提供了一套直观的选项、灵活的工具和鼓舞人心的演奏功能,从智能琶音和发音切换,到灵活的速度同步和声音整形 DSP 效果,一切都在您的指尖,让您轻松实现 精心制作栩栩如生的编曲。

第一艘 Oktobass(也拼写为“Octobass”)由 Jean Baptiste Vuillaume 于 1849 年建造,但到了 1800 年代末,它逐渐成为传奇,虽然丢失了一个多世纪,但并没有被遗忘。 1996 年,低音提琴演奏家尼古拉·莫内塔 (Nicola Moneta)、制琴师皮埃尔·玻尔 (Pierre Bohr) 和弓箭手皮耶罗·卡瓦拉齐 (Piero Cavalazzi) 制作了第一台现代 Octobass。 过去 25 年里,莫内塔在世界各地近 150 场音乐会上演奏了这首曲子,尽管至今仍是屈指可数的几场音乐会之一。

这个 3.48 米(11.5 英尺)长的猛犸象是在一个升高的平台上演奏的,使用一排机械杆来控制指板。 海绵状的乐器主体产生了令人惊讶的微妙特征,具有强烈的立体声运动和微妙的机械装饰。

我们与 Giorgio Riolo 和 Daniele Bertinelli 合作,在意大利米兰莫内塔的私人画廊拍摄了 Octobass。 它是在 F 孔处使用一对紧密的大振膜麦克风录制的,以实现干燥而亲密的声音,并在 2 米处使用一对宽间距全向麦克风来录制明亮生动的室内音质。 麦克风可以实时混合,乐器可以在我们的虚拟舞台上自由定位,具有我们自定义环境的巨大菜单,因此可以轻松混合到您想要的任何安排中。 Hyperion Solo Strings Oktobass 让您的创意选择无穷无尽!


– 两个麦克风位置的多重采样 Oktobass 发音和即兴乐句
– 真正的连奏、延音、短片、乐句、表情、SFX
– 2 个强大的 Kontakt .nki 乐器预设,专为完整零售版 Kontakt 6.2.2+ 制作
– 5,558 个未锁定的 WAV 格式的立体声样本
– 24 位/48 kHz 未压缩 PCM wav 样本
– 已安装 12.6 GB
– 灵活、直观的用户界面,具有专业功能、深度可定制性和简单的工作流程
– 数十个定制房间、大厅、房间和 FX 环境中的声场定位

需要 Kontakt 6.2.2+


The Octobass is the lowest concert string instrument, with a thunderous, room-shaking growl. This 12GB+ library for Kontakt has 30+ articulations, with various sustains, shorts, dynamic expressions, legato, effects, aleatoric phrases, inspiring performance tools, creative options and a huge range of custom spaces.

The Oktobass is the deepest concert string instrument, with a thunderous, room-shaking growl. We’ve sampled this bone-rattling beast to build a massive virtual instrument offering 30+ articulations and over 12GB of content. You’ll find a variety of sustains, shorts, dynamic expressions, true legato, creative effects and hundreds of aleatoric melodic phrases. As part of our Hyperion symphonic series, it provides a suite of intuitive options, flexible tools and inspiring performance features, from intelligent arpeggiation and articulation switching, to flexible tempo-synching and sound-shaping DSP effects, all at your fingertips to make it easy to craft brilliantly life-like arrangements.

The first Oktobass (also spelled “Octobass”) was built in 1849 by Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, but it drifted into legend by the end of the 1800s, lost but not forgotten for over a century. Then in 1996, double bass player Nicola Moneta, luthier Pierre Bohr and bow-maker Piero Cavalazzi constructed the first modern Octobass. Moneta has gone on to play it in nearly 150 concerts around the world over the last 25 years, though it still remains one of only a handful in existence today.

This 3.48 meter (11.5 ft) mammoth is played from a raised platform, using a row of mechanical levers to control the fingerboard. The cavernous instrument body produces a surprisingly nuanced character, with intense stereo movement and subtle mechanical ornamentation.

We worked with Giorgio Riolo and Daniele Bertinelli to capture the Octobass at Moneta’s private gallery in Milan, Italy. It was recorded using a close pair of large-diaphragm mics at the F holes to achieve a dry and intimate sound, and a wide-spaced pair of omnis at 2 meters for a bright and vivid chamber quality. The mics can be blended in real-time, and the instrument can be freely positioned on our virtual stage, featuring a huge menu of our custom environments, so it’s easy to mix into any arrangement you desire. Your creative options are endless with the Hyperion Solo Strings Oktobass!

Product Specs

– Multi-sampled Oktobass articulations and improvised phrases in two microphone positions
– True Legato, Sustains, Shorts, Phrases, Expressions, SFX
– 2 Powerful Kontakt .nki instrument presets made for the full retail Kontakt 6.2.2+
– 5,558 stereo samples in unlocked WAV format
– 24 bit / 48 kHz uncompressed PCM wav samples
– 12.6 GB installed
– A flexible, intuitive user interface with pro features, deep customizability, and simple workflow
– Sound stage positioning in dozens of custom rooms, halls, chambers & FX environments

Requires Kontakt 6.2.2+

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