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Teknovault All Access Bundle

WAV / MIDI / Serum, Vital, Sylenth1, Spire Presets | 6.91 GB

通过 10.000 多个 Techno 样本、预设、人声、鼓等释放您的创造力。 包含硬科技、旋律科技和工业科技的完整目录,仅提及涵盖的众多流派中的几个(一次下载 25 多个样本包)这是将您的科技制作提升到新水平的必备合集。


❖ 10.000+ 个文件 10.000+ 个文件/11.6 GB
25 个独特的样本包(硬科技和旋律科技等等)
❖ 1000 多个预设(Serum、Vital、Sylenth1、Spire)
❖ 干鼓循环、鼓单音、FX、氛围
旋律文件、MIDI、合成器循环、低音循环、低音 Oneshot
❖ 口语人声、AI 人声、人声循环
❖ 以及更多…


鼓是标志性 Techno 声音的支柱。 因此,我们确保这个合集拥有比您需要的更多的鼓循环和单镜头。 已拔出,可混合搭配,开箱即可使用。


访问您最喜欢的合成器的无数预设。 粉碎作家的阻碍并立即获得新想法。 所有这些都是围绕顶级制作人进行设计的,声音席卷了 Techno 场景。

数以千计的预设可粉碎作家,阻止并启动任何技术制作。 范围从硬和旋律科技,到实验性预设、丰富的氛围和强大的琶音。


大量新鲜、原创且未知的专业录制声音。 经过精心处理,为您提供行业标准的标志性 Techno 声音。 让您的曲目令人难忘并比以往更容易脱颖而出。


数百个合成器、尖叫器、低音、刺音和酸循环。 可立即使用并围绕顶级生产商进行设计。 通过无尽的合成器激发灵感并加快您的工作流程。

FX 和 Atmos



创建行业标准和独特的曲目,以便与唱片公司签约并获得艺术家支持是一项艰巨的任务。 这就是为什么我们制定了每一个包,为您提供符合行业标准、让您的曲目签名并吸引领先艺术家和影响者的注意力所需的工具和声音。

一首热门曲目始于灵感的火花,并以专业制作的行业标准样本为后盾,而我们的包就是为了做到这一点而创建的。 以我们 100% 退款满意度保证为后盾。


100% 保证提高您的生产水平

我们准备提供很少有样本公司提供的东西。 100% 退款满意保证。 我们非常有信心,我们的包装将为您带来制作所需的质量和灵感,如果达不到,我们将全额退款。

我们知道,对音乐进行投资可能是一个艰难的决定。 您还没有听过所有声音并体验过我们包的强大功能…但是,有了像您这样的制作人的 400 多条 5 星评论,我们知道它会对您的制作产生同样大的影响 对于成千上万的其他人来说。


Unleash your creativity with 10.000+ Techno Samples, Presets, Vocals, Drums & much more. Contains our full catalog of Hard Techno, Melodic Techno, and Industrial Techno, to mention just a few of the many genres covered (25+ Sample Packs in ONE download) A must-have collection to take your Techno Production to the next-level.

What makes this pack a must-have?

♦ 10.000+ Files 10.000+ Files / 11,6 GB
♦ 25 Unique Sample Packs (Hard- & Melodic Techno & more)
♦ 1000+ Presets (Serum, Vital, Sylenth1, Spire)
♦ Stemmed Drum Loops, Drum Oneshots, FX, Atmospheres
♦ Melodic Files, MIDI, Synth Loops, Bass Loops, Bass Oneshots
♦ Spoken Word Vocals, AI Vocals, Vocal Loops
♦ & so much more…

Drum Loops

Drums are the back bone of the iconic Techno sound. So we made sure this collection has more drum loops and one shots than you’ll ever need. Stemmed out, ready to mix & match, and usable out of the box.

Thousands of presets

Get access to countless presets for your favorite synthesizers. Crush writers block and get new ideas instantly. All engineered around the top producers and the sound taking over the Techno scene by storm.

Thousands of presets to crush writers block and kickstart any Techno Production. Ranging from Hard & Melodic Techno, to experimental presets, lush atmospheres and powerful Arpeggios.
Serum, Spire, Vital, Sylenth1.

Professional vocals

Tons of fresh, original, and unknown professionally recorded vocals. Carefully processed to give you the industry standard iconic Techno Sound. Make your tracks memorable and stand out easier than ever.

Synths & bass

Hundreds of Synth, Screech, Bass, Stab & Acid Loops. Instantly usable and designed around the top producers. Spark inspiration and speed your workflow up with endless synths.

FX & atmos

Thousands of atmospheres, dirt noise, rumble sounds, sweeps/impacts, and melodic atmos to fill up your tracks with the pivotal ear candy they need to stand our.

The industry standard your tracks need to stand out

Creating industry standard and unique tracks that’ll get signed to labels and get artist support is a tough task to take on. That’s why we’ve formulated each one of our packs to give you the tools and sounds you need to match the industry standard, get your tracks signed, and grab the attention of the leading artists and influencers.

A hit track starts with a spark of inspiration backed by professionally produced industry standard samples and our packs have been created to do just that. Backed by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Now you can instantly level up the quality of your production to that of the top producers in the scene at an INSANE DISCOUNT

100% guaranteed to level up your production

We’re prepared to offer something that very few sample companies offer. A 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. We’re so confident that our packs will bring the quality and inspiration your production needs that if it doesn’t, we’ll issue you a full refund.

We understand that making an investment in your music can be a tough decision. You haven’t heard all of the sounds and experienced the power of our packs yet… But with 400+ 5 star reviews from producers like you, we know it’ll make just as big of an impact on your production as it did for thousands of others.

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