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SubMission Audio GroveBass v1.1.0 KONTAKT-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 09 February 2024 | 4.18 GB

GroveBass 是同类中第一个标志性虚拟乐器。 它采用我们革命性的 truBass 技术,捕捉了 Simon Grove(Plini、The Helix Nebula)精品 LeFay Herr Schwarz 贝斯的每一个细微差别。

前卫? 流行音乐? 金属? 岩石? GroveBass 可以满足您的需求。

适合各种流派 – GroveBass 是虚拟贝斯领域的一场革命。

西蒙·格罗夫(Simon Grove)以其敏捷的演奏风格、紧凑而有力的节奏和直觉的制作技巧塑造了现代前卫音乐的声音。 作为一名职业音乐家和制作人,他的才华使他成为前卫和金属界家喻户晓的人物。 无论是在工作室还是在舞台上与 Plini、Protest The Hero、Intervals、Sungazer、David Maxim Micic、The Helix Nebula、Nick Johnston 等艺术家合作,Simon 不断将自己定义为一股不可忽视的力量。 音乐产业。

GroveBass 是同类中第一个标志性虚拟乐器。
GroveBass 由我们革命性的全新 truBass 技术提供支持,捕捉了 Simon 技术的每一个细微差别 – GroveBass 是一款无与伦比的虚拟乐器。

•Le Fay Herr Schwarz 5:Kontakt Player 的 Le Fay Herr Schwarz 低音吉他的极其逼真的虚拟模型,由 Simon Grove(Plini、The Helix Nebula)采样。
•truBass 技术:通过我们行业领先的truBass 引擎体验无与伦比的真实感,提供真实低音吉他的真实感觉和动态响应。
• 17 种演奏技巧:指拨、拍击、流行、滑动、幽灵音符、锤击、拉出、敲击等,甚至可以重新创建最复杂的低音线。
•原始DI:纯净的、未经处理的信号,直接来自低音吉他。 像对待常规贝斯演奏一样对待它(除了它实际上很棒!)。
•集成混音器:使用我们的内置混音器微调您的声音。 精心设计的控件创建了根据您的音乐定制包含的音调的最快方法。
•位置控制:将其视为虚拟变调夹,将您的虚拟演奏位置向上移动到指板上,选择更高的音品并创建更圆润的声音 – 就像在现实生活中一样。
•弯音:将音符(和颤音)弯音最多 12 个半音!
•“DOOM”模式:一种专门模式,专注于最有影响力、最清晰的样本,以最大速度呈现激进的音乐风格,例如 EDM。


GroveBass is the first signature virtual instrument of its kind. Powered by our revolutionary truBass technology, it captures every nuance of Simon Grove’s (Plini, The Helix Nebula) boutique LeFay Herr Schwarz bass.

Prog? Pop? Metal? Rock? GroveBass has you covered.

Suited to every genre – GroveBass is a revolution in virtual bass.

Simon Grove has shaped the sound of modern progressive music with his agile playing style, tight, punchy grooves and intuit knack for production. A career musician and producer, his talent has led him to become a household name in the prog and metal scene. Whether he is in the studio or on the stage working with artists like Plini, Protest The Hero, Intervals, Sungazer, David Maxim Micic, The Helix Nebula, Nick Johnston and many more, Simon continually defines himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

GroveBass is the first signature virtual instrument of its kind.
Powered by our revolutionary new truBass technology, capturing every nuance of Simon’s technique – GroveBass is an unrivalled virtual instrument.

•Le Fay Herr Schwarz 5: Exceptionally realistic virtual model of a Le Fay Herr Schwarz bass guitar for Kontakt Player, sampled by Simon Grove (Plini, The Helix Nebula).
•truBass Technology: Experience unparalleled realism with our industry-leading truBass engine, delivering the authentic feel and dynamic response of a real bass guitar.
•17 Performance Articulations: Finger Picking, Slap, Pop, Slide, Ghost Notes, Hammer On, Pull Off, Tap and more allow for recreating even the most complex bass lines.
•Intelligent Alternate Picking: Immediately realistic playback with logic-based, automatic alternate picking.
•Multi-Sampling: Every fret position across the entire instrument has been multi-sampled, so you can program the performance exactly as a real bassist would play it.
•Raw DI: The pure, unprocessed signal, directly from the bass guitar. Treat it like you would a regular bass performance (except that it’s actually good!).
•Pre-Mixed Tones: Instantly elevate your tracks with four professionally crafted, mix-ready tones, designed for seamless integration into any project.
•Integrated Mixer: Fine-tune your sound with our built-in mixer. Curated controls create the fastest way to tailor the included tones to your music.
•Interactive Fretboard: Visualize your bass lines in real-time with an intuitive fretboard display, enhancing your connection with the instrument.
•truSlides: Fully controllable, variable tempo slides from any note to any other note give you complete control over your performance.
•truLegato: Easy, automatic hammer on/pull-off articulation logic, so you can get on with being creative.
•Humanize Control: Infuse your performance with natural variation using the Humanize control, adding subtle differences for a more organic feel.
•Position Control: Think of this as a virtual capo, shifting your virtual playing position up the fretboard, selecting higher frets and creating a rounder sound – just like in real life.
•Force String: Gain complete control over your tone, allowing you to choose exactly which string is used for every note.
•Pitch Bend: Bend the notes (and vibrato) up to 12 semitones!
•’DOOM’ Mode: A specialized mode focusing on the most impactful, clear samples with maximized velocity for aggressive musical styles, such as EDM.
•Custom Keyswitch Mapping: Tailor your workflow with customizable keyswitch mapping, allowing you to assign and access different articulations and techniques on the fly.

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