Singomakers 100% Pure Electronica WAV REX

628 MB

详细而言,预计会发现1 Gb的样本,包括36个模拟低音,49个深合成器和弦与打击垫,50个电子鼓,84个单发,20个罗兹和弦,18个老式模拟Arp循环,11个老式铅合成器,184个Rex2文件。
100%纯电子样本将为从Electronica,Hip Hop,Ambient,RnB到Trap,Reggaeton,Moombah,Drum&Bass,Tech或House的任何流派增加一些额外的温暖和模拟感。只要保持开放的心态并保持创造力!
查看此仅使用此包中的样本创建的惊人演示轨道,并立即获取100%Pure Electronica的副本!

We are very excited to present this outstanding collection of 100% Electronica! 441 sounds created on several Analog Synths and electric pianos!
In detail expect to find 1 Gb of samples including 36 Analog Basses, 49 Deep Synths Chords And Pads, 50 Electronica Drums, 84 One Shots, 20 Rhodes Chords, 18 Vintage Analog Arp Loops, 11 Vintage Lead Synths, 184 Rex2 Files.
This pack includes a lot of inspirational sounds like Phat Analog Basses, Electro Piano Chord Progressions with modulated delays, Powerful Pads, Super-processed experimental drums, Analog Arps and many more!
100% Pure Electronica samples will add some extra warm and analog touch to any genre from Electronica, Hip Hop, Ambient, RnB to Trap, Reggaeton, Moombah, Drum & Bass, Tech or House. Just keep your mind open and stay creative!
Check this amazing demo track created only with samples from this pack and grab your copy of 100% Pure Electronica today!
•24 Bit Quality
•36 Analog Basses
•49 Deep Synths Chords And Pads
•50 Electronica Drums
•84 One Shots
•20 Rhodes Chords
•18 Vintage Analog Arp Loops
•11 Vintage Lead Synths

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