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Outersect Modeler 1.2.1 WIN

File size: 13 MB

当一个受过传统训练的音乐家和Pro Tools编码员在火人节上有一次改变人生的经历时,会发生什么?Rob Rayle的激情项目,Outersect Modeler,是一个纯粹的建模合成器,旨在重现声学和电声乐器的所有表达和细微差别-完美的Rob与他的键盘或任何人寻求一种感觉真正活着的乐器。和我们一起穿越虫洞,进入…… Outersect的奇幻世界。

Outersect Modeler超越了传统合成器的限制,将无与伦比的现实主义和表现力置于您的指尖。从小提琴琴弓的细微差别到电吉他反馈的尖叫音调,每一个声音细节都是精心制作的,允许音乐家和制作人塑造各种逼真的声音。无论是制作空灵的气氛,未来的纹理,或模仿稀有和异国情调的乐器,让Modeler带你在一个梦幻般的骑下合成兔子洞。




Modeler还包括一组音景,超越了传统乐器仿真的界限,深入到前卫的声音设计可能性的领域。拒绝模仿熟悉的乐器,这些空灵和超凡脱俗的音调出现在大胆的声音设计师Yuli Yolo的想象中。


What happens when a classically trained musician and Pro Tools coder has a life changing experience at Burning Man? Rob Rayle’s passion project, the Outersect Modeler, is a pure modeling synth designed to recreate all the expression and nuance of acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments – perfect for Rob to jam with on his keytar or for anyone seeking an instrument that feels truly alive. Travel through the wormhole with us into the trippy world of…… Outersect.

Physical Modeling Reimagined
The Outersect Modeler transcends the confines of traditional synthesizers, putting an unparalleled level of realism and expressiveness at your fingertips. From the delicate nuances of a violin’s bow to the screaming tones of electric guitar feedback, every sonic detail is meticulously crafted, allowing musicians and producers to sculpt a diverse range of lifelike sounds. Whether crafting ethereal atmospheres, futuristic textures, or emulating rare and exotic instruments, let the Modeler take you on a trippy ride down the synthesis rabbit hole.

Ultimate Expression
The Modeler sounds and behaves like a physical instrument. It jumps harmonics realistically like a flute, allows controlled harmonic feedback like an electric guitar, growls like a saxophone and sings like a violin. It offers the player so many different ways to play the same note that it would be impossible to sample them all. It feels organic and alive, creating beautiful sonic surprises and happy accidents. It provides a unique experience for the player. Play it yourself and find out!

User Interface
The Modeler’s user interface is remarkably simple given its power. The modeling parameters refer to easily understood properties and playing techniques of real-world instruments, not mathematical abstractions. The synthesis interface fits on a single page, and allows the user to modulate any knob from any source with 2 mouse clicks.

Fine Tuned Preset Content
The Outersect sound sets provided with the modeler have been refined for production and live performance over many years. The lead sounds can completely hold the listeners’ attention, taking center stage in a musical production the same way a vocal, an electric guitar lead, or a violin solo can. The string instrument patches use unique performance features that allow players with standard MIDI controllers to realistically simulate string idioms like hammer-ons and pull-offs. The flute sounds support overblowing and flutter tongue techniques. The sax sounds can growl.

The Modeler also includes a set of soundscapes that transcend the boundaries of traditional instrument emulation, delving into a realm of avant-garde sound design possibilities. Rejecting the mimicry of familiar instruments, these ethereal and otherworldly tones emerge as a sonic tapestry woven from the imagination of daring sound designer Yuli Yolo.


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