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Native Instruments Schema – Light KONTAKT


Schema: Light 为您提供了无尽的新想法来源,在直观的步进音序器插件中打包了万花筒般的柔软、可分层的高音循环集合。 快速生成不断变化的模式,并通过一套效果和控件将它们变成您自己的模式。 深入研究经过丰富和微调的精致声音,非常适合大气的电影配乐、电子音景和催眠的嘻哈节拍。

架构:Light 围绕独特的 16 步音序器旋转。 从四个节奏同步循环开始,每个循环跨越两个小节,然后为每个层切换最多 16 个步,以创建独特的旋律模式。 使用调制轮添加表达,并使用增强引擎探索高级缩放可能性。 无论您是寻求快速结果还是亲自雕刻,Schema: Light 都为任何工作流程提供了直观的界面。

发现 200 个精心设计的预设的精选集合,每个预设都有四个循环,可以使用各种播放模式、包络、效果等进行塑造。 从轻柔的拨弦声和铃声到梦幻般的琴键,Schema: Light 的每个多采样声源都可以快速交换和预览,带来愉快的意外和无缝的实验。

每个声源提供四种不同的变化。 A 版本是原创的,通过高端舷外设备完美捕捉和增强,而 B、C 和 D 版本进一步提升了声音,注入了一系列单块效果器、模块化系统、磁带机、先进的颗粒技术等。 自由地对每一层进行静音和独奏,或者掷骰子来随机化循环、16 个单独的切片,甚至音序器模式本身。

深入探索声音设计,通过调整滤波器、衰减、音量和音调进一步定制 16 个步骤中的每一个步骤。 通过改变循环模式的长度来试验多节奏,并通过选择可分配到两个单独的发送插槽的六种工作室级效果来添加角色。

观看我们自己的产品专家 Boris Mezga 对 Schema:Light 引擎进行三种不同风格的测试,从点燃最初的创造力火花到将循环转化为完全受启发的想法。


产品类型: 完整仪器
适用于:免费 Kontakt Player 或 Kontakt(版本 7.8 或更高版本)
下载大小:2.5 GB


Lush, shapeable layers
Schema: Light gives you an endless source of new ideas, packing a kaleidoscopic collection of soft, layerable upper-range loops within an intuitive step sequencer plugin. Quickly generate evolving patterns and make them your own with a suite of effects and controls. Delve into delicate sounds that have been enriched and fine-tuned, ideal for atmospheric film scores, electronic soundscapes, and hypnotic hip hop beats.

The Schema engine
Schema: Light revolves around a unique 16-step sequencer. Begin with four tempo-synced loops, each spanning two bars, then toggle up to 16 steps for each layer to create distinctive melodic patterns. Add expression using the mod wheel and explore advanced scaling possibilities with the enhanced engine. Whether you’re seeking rapid results or hands-on sculpting, Schema: Light offers an intuitive interface for any workflow.

Instant inspiration
Discover a curated collection of 200 carefully designed presets, each featuring four loops that can be shaped with various playback modes, envelopes, effects, and more. From gentle plucks and bells to dreamy keys, each of Schema: Light’s multi-sampled sound sources can be quickly swapped and previewed, inviting happy accidents and seamless experimentation.

Four layers, endless options
Each sound source offers four different variations. Version A is the original, flawlessly captured and enhanced with high-end outboard gear, while versions B, C, and D elevate the sounds further, infusing an array of stompboxes, modular systems, tape machines, advanced granular techniques, and more. Freely mute and solo each layer, or roll the dice to randomize loops, the 16 individual slices, or even the sequencer pattern itself.

Shape sounds your way
Journey deep into sound design, tailoring each of the 16 steps further by adjusting filters, decay, volume, and pitch. Experiment with polyrhythms by altering the lengths of looping patterns, and add character with a choice of six studio-grade effects assignable across two individual send slots.

Watch Schema: Light in action
Watch as our very own product expert, Boris Mezga, puts the Schema: Light engine to the test across three different styles, from kindling the initial sparks of creativity to transforming loops into fully inspired ideas.

At a glance
Product type: Komplete Instrument
Instrument type: Melodic step sequencer plugin
For use with: Free Kontakt Player or Kontakt (version 7.8 or higher)
Sound category: Mallets, bells, pianos, synths, percussion
Number of NKIs: 1 NKI including 320 sound sources and 200 snapshots
Download size: 2.5 GB

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