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MAGIX ACID Pro Next Suite Multilingual WIN

MAGIX ACID Pro Next Suite是由MAGIX公司最近研发推出的一款音乐制作软件,ACID Pro Next是世界上第一款具有音频分离功能的DAW。结合了先进的采样技术,功能齐全的DAW和独特的ACIDized循环,可以及时锁定您的新作品



STEM MAKER zynaptiq的音源分离技术将您喜爱的音乐分解为旋律,音乐和节拍。重新混音并轻松将它们添加到您自己的音乐中。下一级采样和混音就在这里!


全新的MIDI Playable Chopper允许您从音频循环播放单独的节拍和音符,或加载样本并实时执行它们,就像经典的MPC采样器一样。将结果记录为即时重混的新音频事件。果酱,记录,玩得开心!


使用Loudness Meter等工具可以更轻松地进行专业母带制作。回家并用精确的细节检查您的音频。





最终混音工具:ACID Pro的下一步,您可以拆分音频到人声,音乐和zynaptiq®STEM MAKER节拍,重新排列并搭配砍刀和Beatmapper音频。






功能的DAW ACID Pro Next具有由zynaptiq STEM MAKER驱动的音频分离技术。将歌曲分成节拍,人声和音乐,并在自己的曲调中使用产生的词干并进行混音。真正的下一代混合和DAW生产。

MIDI Playable Chopper

全新的MIDI Playable Chopper为ACID Pro Next带来了MPC风格的性能采样和嘻哈节拍创作。播放循环中的样本,鼓组中的节拍,执行并将结果记录为音频事件以进行即时重新混音。播放,录制,播放 – ACID是您的新演奏乐器!


Chopper是最终的混音工具,因为它可以让你将一个循环切成几个部分,然后以你喜欢的任何方式重新排序它们来创建多个新样本。所有新循环都将与您的ACID Pro Next项目保持同步,您可以轻松地将新的音频事件记录到时间线上。




ACID Pro接下来是强大音乐制作所需的DAW:从高质量的多轨录音和创新的基于循环的合成,到高级混音和精确制作。


ACID Pro配备了最新的音频技术。除了世界着名的实时音高和时间伸展之外,它还带有Celemony Melodyne必备元素,因此您可以触及轨道的核心并进行精确编辑。


为你的声音带来巨大飞跃。ACID Pro Next的Groove Mapping和Groove Cloning技术是任何DAW中最复杂,最有趣的功能之一。您可以通过应用预设凹槽,甚至从喜爱的歌曲中提取凹槽,然后将其用于您的音乐,为您的音乐带来全新的感受。甚至可以从头开始创建凹槽或编辑现有凹槽。

Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 439.82 MB | 480.7 MB

The ultimate, next-level DAW experience. ACID Pro Next Suite has it all, whatever your music production requires. All features from ACID Pro Next. More new instrument, effects and sounds. Experience audio separation powered by zynaptiq® STEM MAKER – not found in any other DAW – and the MIDI Playable Chopper remix tool. And of course all the great new technologies, including Melodyne essential and the 32-bit VST bridge.

With a worlds first for any DAW, ACID Pro Next combines cutting edge sampling technology, a fully featured DAW and unique ACIDized loops that lock in time and key with your new compositions. To show you everything that ACID Pro Next has to offer, we sat down together with producer Iain Duncan in our studio.

In short: Features of ACID Pro Next Suite:

Sample everything: audio separation
STEM MAKER Audio source separation technology by zynaptiq breaks your favorite tunes down into their melodies, music and beats. Remix them and add them to your own music with ease. The next level of sampling and remixing is here!

Play ACID like an instrument
The all-new MIDI Playable Chopper allows you to play individual beats and notes from audio loops, or load in samples and perform them in real time, just like a classic MPC sampler. Record the results as new audio events for instant remixes. Jam, record, have fun!

Metering Tools
Professional mastering is made easier with tools like the Loudness Meter. Home in and examine your audio with pinpoint detail.

Melodyne essential
Melodyne essential brings third party compatibility to the ACID platform.

Highlights of ACID Pro Next Suite:
– The ultimate next-gen music production suite
– Sophisticated features, professional results
– The first DAW with integrated audio separation technology: zynaptiq STEM MAKER
– NEW! MIDI Playable Chopper performance tool
– NEW! Melodyne essential and 32-bit bridge technology
– Exclusive! 10 extra instruments and 9 bonus effects
– Exclusive! Bonus sample bundle includes two extra packs of loops

ACID Pro Next Suite – Next level creativity:

The ultimate remix tools: ACID Pro Next lets you split your audio into vocals, music and beats with zynaptiq® STEM MAKER, and rearrange and match audio with Chopper and Beatmapper.

Music production
With a legendary easy workflow, thanks to ACID’s innovative looping technology, it’s easy to create songs from scratch in a variety of styles.

Mixing & Mastering
Master your music to a professional standard, for CD or web streaming, using powerful and professional tools, including the all-new Loudness-Metering feature for precise audio leveling.

The only DAW with audio separation
ACID Pro Next features audio separation technology powered by zynaptiq STEM MAKER. Split songs into beats, vocals and music, and use the resulting stems in your own tunes and to remix. Truly the next generation of remixing and DAW production.

MIDI Playable Chopper
The all-new MIDI Playable Chopper brings MPC-style performance sampling and hip hop beat creation to ACID Pro Next. Play samples from loops, beats from drum kits, perform and record the results as audio events for instant remixing. Play, record, jam – ACID is your new performance instrument!

Chopper is the ultimate remix tool as it enables you to slice a loop into parts, and then reorder them in any way you like to create multiple new samples. All new loops will stay in sync with your ACID Pro Next projects, and you can easily record new audio events onto the timeline.

Using Beatmapper, you can identify the tempo and time signature of any external song or audio file. When you import it into ACID you can easily add other ACID files which will lock to its timing data automatically. Instant remixing, your way!

The creative DAW for Music production.
ACID Pro Next is the DAW you need for powerful music production: from high-quality multitrack recording and innovative loop-based composition, to advanced remixing and precision mastering.

Audio Editing and Mixing
ACID Pro comes packed with the latest audio technology. As well as its world-famous real-time pitch- and time-stretching, it comes with Celemony Melodyne essential, so you can get to the heart of your tracks and make precision edits.

A single click for you.
A quantum leap for your sound. ACID Pro Next’s Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning technologies are among the most sophisticated and fun features to be found in any DAW. You can give your music a completely new feel by applying preset grooves, or even extract a groove from a much-loved song and then use that with your tunes. It’s even possible to create grooves from scratch or edit existing ones.

System Requirements:
– Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (64-bit).
– Processor: 1 GHz (multicore or multiprocessor recommended)
– RAM: 1 GB (8 GB recommended)
– Graphics card: Onboard, min. resolution 1024 x 768
– Sound card: Onboard
– Hard drive space: 500 MB for program installation
– Program languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français

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