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Ergo Kukke Virtual Symphony KONTAKT

Kontakt | 6.7Gb

Ergo Kukke 制作的《虚拟交响曲》是世界上最真实的全合成管弦乐团,经过多年的制作,为桌面带来了独特的声音和管弦乐部分之间的变形。 是的,你没听错,它是 100% 合成器,经过精心编程、处理、采样,并以更喜欢 CPU 的方式提供给你。 该乐器将帮助您获得灵感并开始您的下一个乐谱、作曲或歌曲,板载快照将帮助您快速完成。

Virtual Symphony 将是一个完美的工具,可用于主要创作您的下一首作品或使用其大声音来填充您的管弦乐空间以增强声音。 这些声音可以一起工作或单独工作,并且仍然保持真实的角色。 您可以自由地组合任何管弦乐部分,并在一定程度上操纵每个这样的组合,这在管弦乐中是前所未有的。 按照您喜欢的方式构建或破坏声音。


每个源都有独立的 3 频段均衡器、包络和滤波器参数
音高变换控制,用于变换 +/- 36 半音
“编辑调制”菜单,包含 4 个 LFO 模块,用于调制任何源参数,以及 4 个包络模块,用于控制多个不同源参数的动态
“编辑效果”菜单,具有 9 个不同的效果模块; 合唱、失真、Lo-Fi (Bitcrusher)、Replika Delay、空间(立体声场增强器)、滤波器、Phasis(移相器)、卷积(混响)和 Flair(调谐、谐波增强镶边)


9.12GB 压缩样本和文件
74 仪器和部分
7 个快照类别,包含 145 个快照,分为预编程和预先设计的管弦乐组合、渐强部分、Swells、Perc & Pluck、主题、Hits & Shorts 和 FX
四个样本源可从弦乐、铜管乐器、木管乐器、打击乐器、弹拨乐器中选择单个乐器部分,或从单独合成的部分中选择。 各种乐器还包括可能是世界上声音最大的教堂管风琴,以添加到声音宏大的管弦乐队中。


Years in the making,Virtual Symphony by Ergo Kukke, is the worlds most realistic fully synthesized orchestra, bringing to the table a unique sound and morphing between orchestral sections. Yes, you heard correctly, it’s 100% synthesizers, that were carefully programmed, treated, sampled and made available to you in a more CPU loving way. This instrument will help you get inspired and start your next score, composition or banger and the onboard snapshots will help you do it quickly.

Virtual Symphony will be a perfect tool to use to mainly compose your next piece or use it’s large sound to fill your orchestral space to beef up the sound. The sounds are made to work together or individually and still maintain realistic characters. You have the freedom of combining any orchestral section and manipulate each of such combinations to an extent, never before seen in orchestral music. Build or destroy the sound the way you like.

Key Features:

Independent 3-band EQ, Envelope & Filter Parameters, for each source
Pitch Shifting Controls, for shifting +/- 36 semitones
Source-Specific Panning Controls
Sample Selection Randomisation
“Source Movement” Manipulation Pad, controlling the Gain Distribution Ratio
“Filter Movement” Manipulation Pad, controlling Filter Cutoff & Resonance on either all sources, or per-source
“Horizontal”, “Vertical” & “Circular” Modulation Units, for both Manipulation Pads
“Edit Modulation” Menu, containing 4 LFO Modules, for modulating any source parameter, alongside 4 Envelope Modules, for controlling the dynamics of multiple different source parameters
“Edit Effects” Menu, featuring 9 different Effects Modules; Chorus, Distortion, Lo-Fi (Bitcrusher), Replika Delay, Spatial (Stereo Field Enhancer), Filter, Phasis (Phaser), Convolution (Reverb) & Flair (Tuned, Harmonics-Enhancing Flanger)
“Edit Randomise” Page, housing toggles for the randomisation of multiple sets of parameters

What’s inside?

9.12GB compressed samples and files
74 Instruments and sections
7 Snapshot categories with 145 snapshots divided into preprogrammed and predesigned Orchestral Combos, Decrescendo Sections, Swells, Perc & Pluck, Thematic, Hits & Shorts and FX
Four Sample Sources to select individual instrument sections from Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Plucked or select from individually synthesized Sections. Variations of instruments also included together with, possibly, the worlds largest-sounding Church Organs to add to the big sounding orchestra.

Key Features:

Expand your musical experimentations whith not being limited by the playing range of any instrument. The entire keyboard is open for you to explore.

The sweetspot, however, is located around C3 in Kontakt or C5 in your DAW, basically, the center of your keyboard. For bass instruments try playing 3 octaves below that and for higher instruments you can try an octave higher.

The instruments are either sampled in multi-velocity, marked by “vel” or can be made velocity sensitive under the sources ENV tab.

Four Flexible Sample Sources

The four sound sources allow you to layer sounds from Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Plucked, Sections and Church Organs. Together they will add colour to your next masterpiece.

The controls on each sound source allow you to tailor the sound to your project’s needs, thus making them extremely effective. These include EQ, Envelope & Filter to mix your sounds and make them unique.

Source Movement’ Manipulation Pad

One of Virtual Symphony’s interesting features, the “Source Movement” Manipulation Pad, permits for control over the four sound source gain dynamics to morph or fade inbetween them.

Continually shifting the focus of your orchestral layers, the produced sound will create movements not possible with traditional orchestras.

You can easily change how the sounds mix with each other with the onboard controls and tailor the result to your specific needs.

Filter Movement’ Manipulation Pad

By allowing for the modulation of the filter cutoff frequency and resonance of each audio source independently, ultimate control over the timbre of each layer is now possible.

This control over tonal dynamics massively increases possible sound outcomes for interesting and unique sound.

When combined with the already impressive freedom of the “Source Movement” Pad, the possibilities truly are infinite.

Edit Modulation’ Menu

Virtual Symphony has four LFO’s and four ADSR Envelopes with various Sound Source parameters to choose from.

Whether you want control in your hands of how the sound moves and behaves or you want to be surprised by the Randomise function, these tools are there to add dynamic character to your sounds.

Nine Included Effects Units

The nine built-in effects can be used to further mix the sounds or add delicious flavours.

Whether you want to thicken up the sound, add distortions or widen your sound, these effects are extremely useful tools at your service.

Edit Randomise’ Page

Randomisation can spark infinite ideas and get a new track started, so we made sure that the randomising engine changes parameters and values that make the most inspirational sense.

The randomisation menu puts control in your hands, so you can choose what you would like to change on a sound.


“Virtual Symphony. The new era of orchestral music” Ergo Kukke

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