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Black Octopus Sound Trident Tech WAV MIDI SERUM PRESETS-GTA

GTA | 24 March 2024 | 5.33 GB

与“Trident Tech”一起踏上前所未有的声音之旅——我们 2024 年最大的样本包,也是我们发布的第 500 个样本包!

这个现代科技制作人必备的阿森纳包括惊人的 6GB 内容,拥有超过 4000 个精心制作的声音和 200 个尖端的 Serum 预设,全部由世界一流的声音设计师和艺术家创建。 该包提供贝斯、鼓、人声、合成器、FX、MIDI 和 Serum 预设的浪潮,将您的作品提升到传奇地位,是 Techno & Tech House 制作的利维坦!

我们不遗余力地确保该包的各个方面都堪称奢华。 无可挑剔的组织? 查看。 带有钥匙标记的踢球? 绝对地。 带节奏标记的循环? 你说对了。 由于上升器和下降器方便地标有条形增量,因此在技术示例库中导航从未如此顺畅。

Trident Tech 在构建时考虑到了最大程度的用户友好性,确保任何专业知识的制作人都能充分发挥其潜力,Trident Tech 使所有技能水平的制作人都能轻松释放他们的创造潜力。 无论您是经验丰富的专业人士还是刚刚起步,制作令人着迷的科技节拍从未比现在更容易、更鼓舞人心。

具有完美的律动构建鼓和打击乐,随时可以奠定基础,具有广泛的循环范围,因此可以专注于制作神奇、清脆和坚实的 One Shots,让您从头开始构建理想的鼓。 Bass Loops 和 One Shots 已经准备好发出我们都知道和渴望的令人上瘾的胸部冲击声,通过精心构建的 Bass Loops 和手工雕刻的 One Shots,您将拥有让观众兴奋不已所需的一切。

欢快而情绪化的 Melodic Loops 和 One Shots 将提升您的音乐并吸引您的观众。 精心设计的血清预设将通过大量美味的预设解锁对每种声音的完全控制。 最重要的是,大量的 FX 选项(包括 Risers、Impacts、Glitch Loops、Fallers、Atmospheres 等)为将您的曲目融合在一起提供了必要的粘合剂,同时创造了谐波张力和释放的无尽推拉。

做好准备,迎接我们具有里程碑意义的第 500 次发布,迎接新怪物从深处浮现! Trident Tech 是塑造声音景观的终极工具包。 无论您是在塑造人群移动的节奏、制作脉动的节奏,还是设计未来派的旋律音景,这个新的样本包怪物都已从深处出现,成为您在音乐制作领域不可或缺的伴侣。

不要错过这个野兽——今天就通过 Trident Tech 释放无限的创造力!

近 6.5GB 的内容
4427 总声音


Embark on a sonic journey like never before with ‘Trident Tech’ – our biggest sample pack of 2024 and our 500th pack release!

This Essential Arsenal for Modern Tech Producers includes a staggering 6GB of content, boasting over 4000 meticulously crafted sounds and 200 cutting-edge Serum presets, all created by world-class sound designers and artists. Delivering a tidal wave of Basses, Drums, Vocals, Synths, FX, MIDI, and Serum presets that will elevate your productions to legendary status, this pack is the Leviathan of Techno & Tech House prodcuction!

We’ve spared no expense in ensuring that every aspect of this pack screams luxury. Impeccable organization? Check. Key-labelled kicks? Absolutely. Tempo-labelled loops? You got it. With risers and fallers conveniently labelled with bar increments, navigating through a Tech sample library has never been smoother.

Built with maximum user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that producers of any expertise can harness its full potential, Trident Tech empowers producers of all skill levels to unleash their creative potential effortlessly. No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, crafting mesmerizing Tech beats has never been easier and more inspiring than now.

Featuring flawless groove building Drums and Percussion ready to lay the foundations, with a wide range of loops so can stay focussed on crafting the magic and crisp and solid One Shots to let you construct your ideal drums from scratch. The Bass loops and One Shots are ready to lay down the addicting chest pounding sound we all know and crave, with expertly constructed Bass loops and hand sculpted One Shots you’ll everything you need to keep the crowd bouncing.

The euphoric and emotive Melodic Loops and One Shots will elevate your music and entrance your crowd. The meticulously designed Serum presets will unlock full control over each sound with the vast range of delicious presets. On top of all of that, the massive selection of FX including Risers, Impacts, Glitch Loops, Fallers, Atmospheres and more provides the essential glue to meld your track together whilst creating an endless push and pull of harmonic tension and release.

Prepare yourself as a new monster emerges from the depths for our monumental 500th release! Trident Tech is the ultimate toolkit for shaping your sonic landscape. Whether you’re sculpting crowd moving beats, crafting pulsating rhythms, or engineering futuristic melodic soundscapes, this new monster of a sample pack has emerged from the depths to be your indispensable companion in this realm of music production.

Don’t miss out on this beast – unlock limitless creativity with Trident Tech today!

Pack Contents
Almost 6.5GB of Content
4427 Total Sounds

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