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Black Octopus Sound Imaginate Foley Dubstep WAV-GTA

GTA | 6 December 2023 | 1.30 GB

将有机拟音的复杂而自然的声音与重低音音乐中经过严格处理的外星人般的声音相结合; Imagate 的 Foley Dubstep 结合了两全其美,将凭借其将有机元素无缝编织到曲目结构中的能力来吸引听众。 震撼扬声器的鼓、合成器、FX、定制的 Serum 波表以及与原始拟音元素融合的低音将为您的作品注入活力,增添一丝真实感和质感,使它们与众不同。

强大的鼓单音和鼓循环为“Foley Dubstep”的核心提供了动力,其中包含您创建大量人群炒作、令人窒息的回响贝斯所需的一切。 雷鸣般的循环在您的胸腔深处产生共鸣,并与一系列拟音分层,赋予它们突出和独特的优势。 敏捷的单镜头像一把刀一样切入混音,同时为您提供多功能性,通过将它们分层到您内心的内容并找到无尽的灵感来创造大量独特的节奏和律动。

“Foley Dubstep”的结构中还融入了错综复杂的 FX、拟音和故障层。 令人难以忘怀的氛围、扭曲的故障和超凡脱俗的拟音声音,将为您的作品增添空灵的深度和意想不到的触感。 制作无缝过渡,构建电影音景,并创造声音幸福的时刻

通过非凡的合成器元素在温暖的模拟音调和未来数字景观之间混合和变形! 从将您带到超凡脱俗的境界的空灵打击垫,到以锋利的精度刺穿混音的灼热主音,这些合成器样本都经过精心制作,可以点燃您的创意火花。

利用低频的力量,通过全面的低音循环和单声释放地下能量的浪潮。 这些低音样本经过精心设计,以确保每个音符都以最大的力量敲击,同时产生令人胸口颤抖的声音、令人脊背发凉的崩溃和听觉上的毁灭。

无论您是经验丰富的制作人还是崭露头角的天才,Imagine 的“Foley Dubstep”都是您声音武器库的重要补充。 凭借其精心策划和精心设计的各种样本,该包打开了声音可能性的世界。 在您的曲目中释放拟音和回响贝斯融合的力量,离回响贝斯统治更近一步。

1.4GB 总内容
总共 950 种声音
171 鼓一击
31 摇床
30 汤姆斯
30 军鼓
30 顶帽子
30 拍手
16 踢
15 镲片
150 个鼓循环
20 个完整套件循环
20 个拟音循环
18 个军鼓循环
18 拍手循环
18 个镲片循环
17 个踢循环
17 帽圈
16 个振动环
6 个打击乐循环
2 汤姆·洛普斯
118 合成器一击
31 条线索
30 片
30 合成器
27 采摘
107 拟音一枪
94 贝斯一击
70 FX
30 个立管
20 个故障循环
20 跌倒者
第53章 故障一枪
48 个低音循环
44 合成器循环
15 个打击垫循环
15 个弹拨循环
14 引线环
第38章 气氛一枪


Combining the intricate and natural sounds of organic foley with the heavily processed alien-like sounds of heavy bass music; Foley Dubstep by Imaginate combines the best of both worlds and will captivate listeners with its ability to weave organic elements seamlessly into the fabric of your tracks. The speaker-shaking drums, synths, FX, custom-crafted Serum wavetables, and basses fused with the original foley elements will breathe life into your productions, adding a touch of realism and texture that sets them apart.

Fueling the heart of ‘Foley Dubstep’ are the mighty drum one shots and drum loops, with everything you need to create a multitude of crowd-hyping, neck-breaking dubstep drops. The thunderous loops resonate deep within your chest and are layered with a range of foley giving them a standout and unique edge. The snappy one shots cut through the mix like a knife, whilst giving you the versatility to create a plethora of unique rhythms and grooves by layering them to your heart’s content and finding endless inspiration.

There’s also intricate layers of FX, foley, and glitches woven into the fabric of ‘Foley Dubstep’. The haunting atmospheres, twisted glitches, and otherworldly foley sounds, will add an ethereal depth and a touch of the unexpected in your compositions. Craft seamless transitions, build cinematic soundscapes, and create moments of sonic bliss

Blend and morph between warm analog tones and futuristic digital landscapes with the extraordinary synth elements! From ethereal pads that transport you to otherworldly realms to searing leads that pierce through the mix with razor-sharp precision, these synth samples have been expertly crafted to ignite your creative spark.

Harness the power of low-end frequencies and unleash a tidal wave of subterranean energy with the comprehensive bass loops and one shots. These bass samples have been meticulously designed to ensuring that each note hits with maximum force, while creating chest-rattling drops, spine-chilling breakdowns, and aural devastation.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a rising talent, ‘Foley Dubstep’ by Imaginate is an essential addition to your sonic arsenal. With its diverse range of samples, carefully curated and masterfully engineered, this pack opens up a world of sonic possibilities. Unleash the power of Foley and Dubstep fusion in your tracks and come one step closer to Dubstep domination.

1.4GB Total Content
950 Total Sounds
171 Drum One Shots
46 Percussion One Shots
31 Shakers
30 Toms
30 Snares
30 Hats
30 Claps
16 Kicks
15 Cymbals
150 Drum Loops
20 Full Kit Loops
20 Foley Loops
18 Snare Loops
18 Clap Loops
18 Cymbal Loops
17 Kick Loops
17 Hat Loops
16 Shaker Loops
6 Percussion Loops
2 Tom Loops
118 Synth One Shots
31 Leads
30 Pads
30 Synths
27 Plucks
107 Foley One Shots
94 Bass One Shots
70 FX
30 Risers
20 Glitch Loops
20 Fallers
53 Glitch One Shots
48 Bass Loops
44 Synth Loops
15 Pad Loops
15 Pluck Loops
14 Lead Loops
38 Atmosphere One Shots

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