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Black Octopus Sound Ghostatic Paranoise WAV-GTA

GTA | 6 December 2023 | 947 MB

准备好沉浸在一个声音王国中,尖锐的人声、强大的合成器、雷鸣般的打击乐、灼热的吉他和重要的预设汇聚在一起,创造出一种让您脊椎发麻的声音景观。 走进 Ghostatic 的“Paranoise”舞台,通过这个强大的样本包和 EP 二重奏,观看您的曲目转变为史诗般的赞歌!

在这个非凡的收藏中体验终极歌曲制作工具包,其中包含创作排行榜冠军摇滚所需的所有基本组件。 随附的 EP 仅由该包中的材料组成,是其威力无可否认的证明。 这种曲目和音乐样本的独特融合可在 Spotify、Apple Music、Beatport、Soundcloud 等众多全球平台上访问,可提供直接的灵感,同时提供对艺术家制作方法和技术的独家一睹,并且完全免版税!

Ghostatic 以突破这两个领域的界限而闻名,已成为音乐和超自然世界中的神秘人物。 挑战流派界限,打造空灵的音景,将听众带入神秘的境界,您可以听到 Ghostatic 如何从未知和难以解释的事物中汲取灵感。 将其融入令人难忘的旋律和空灵的声音中,创造出打破常规的身临其境的声音。

沉浸在坚韧而情感丰富的歌声中,这些声音将点燃您作品中的火焰。 从深情的桥梁和动人的诗句,到坚韧不拔的圣歌和激进的合唱,这些声音样本将为您的曲目增添原始而真实的边缘,为它们注入摇滚叛逆的精髓。

释放一连串雷鸣般的打击乐样本,让您的节拍栩栩如生。 从像重量级冠军那样有力的踢腿,到增加活力和兴奋的复杂的填充和碰撞,这些打击乐样本将为您的曲目注入一种富有感染力的能量,让您头晕目眩,脚跺脚。

沉浸在迷人的旋律中,用吉他、合成器等将听众带入摇滚天堂。 从震撼心灵的原声连复段到令人脊背发凉的灼热电音独奏。 再加上像闪电一样穿透混音的高亢主音,以及提供广阔音色可供探索的险恶和弦。 将摇滚吉他的原始能量与合成器的空灵之美融合在一起,释放创新的力量。

用摇滚的无拘无束的能量和力量为您的作品注入能量,并拥抱 Paranoise 提供的原始能量、迷人的旋律和无限的声音可能性。 您准备好释放 Ghostatic 的 Paranoise 的全部力量了吗?

1.26GB 内容
237 总声音
47 人声(干湿)
40 个合成器循环(湿式和干式)
33 个打击乐循环
29 个人声循环(干湿)
16 吉他 One Shot(干湿)
16 个吉他循环
8 FX
7 个钢琴循环(干湿)
6 个重要预设
3 低音吉他循环
3 个低音循环
3 低音一击


Prepare to be immersed in a sonic realm where edgy vocals, powerful synths, thunderous percussion, searing guitars, and vital presets converge to create a sonic landscape that will send tingles down your spine. Step into the arena of ‘Paranoise’ by Ghostatic and watch your tracks transform into epic anthems with this power-house sample pack and EP duo!

Experience the ultimate song-making toolkit in this extraordinary collection, containing all the essential components necessary to create chart-topping rock. The accompanying EP, comprising solely of materials from this pack, serves as undeniable proof of its power. Accessible on numerous global platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, Soundcloud, and others, this exceptional blend of tracks and music samples provides immediate inspiration while offering an exclusive glimpse into an artist’s production methods and techniques, all entirely royalty free!

Known for pushing the boundaries of both realms, Ghostatic has become an enigmatic figure in the world of music and the supernatural. Defying genre boundaries and crafting ethereal soundscapes that transport listeners to mystical realms, you can hear how Ghostatic draws inspiration from the unknown and the inexplicable. Blending it into haunting melodies and ethereal sounds to create immersive vocals that defies conventions.

Lose yourself in a collection of gritty and emotive vocals that will ignite the fire within your compositions. From soulful bridges and moving verses, to gritty chants and aggressive choruses, these vocal samples will add a raw and authentic edge to your tracks, injecting them with the essence of rock rebellion.

Unleash a barrage of thunderous percussion samples that will bring your beats to life. From punchy kicks that hit like a heavyweight champion to intricate fills and crashes that add dynamism and excitement, these percussion samples will infuse your tracks with an infectious energy that will make heads bang and feet stomp.

Indulge in captivating melodies that will transport your listeners to rock nirvana with Guitars, Synths and more. From soul-stirring acoustic riffs that tug at heartstrings to scorching electric solos that send shivers down the spine. Plus soaring leads that cut through the mix like lightning, to sinister chords that offer a vast sonic palette to explore. Unleash the power of innovation as you blend rock Guitar’s raw energy with the ethereal beauty of synths.

Fuel your compositions with the unbridled energy and power of rock, and embrace the raw energy, captivating melodies, and limitless sonic possibilities that Paranoise offers. Are you ready to unleash the full force of Ghostatic’s Paranoise?

1.26GB Content
237 Total Sounds
47 Vocals (Wet & Dry)
40 Synth Loops (Wet & Dry)
33 Percussion Loops
29 Vocal Loops (Wet & Dry)
26 Percussion One Shots
16 Guitar One Shots (Wet & Dry)
16 Guitar Loops
8 FX
7 Piano Loops (Wet & Dry)
6 Vital Presets
3 Bass Guitar Loop
3 Bass Loops
3 Bass One Shots

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