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Acustica Audio Voxa 2023 WIN

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Acustica 和意大利排名第一的专业音频门户 Improve your Mix 的团队与意大利最好的混音工程师之一 Salvatore Addeo 联手创建了 VOXA,这是一款完美且易于使用的工具,可立即改善您的声音,使 它们闪闪发光,增添了丰富性、存在感、气息和细节。

在 VOXA 中,您会发现 Salvatore Addeo 经常使用的完整声音处理链。 这条链条多年来不断发展和完善,包含各种功能,所有设计都是为了模仿他在 25 年职业生涯中培养的独特声音。 如果您想要即时结果,VOXA 是正确的选择,它是完美的人声处理插件,可以为您的人声增添光彩,并带来最安静的细节,帮助您的人声在混音中脱颖而出。

VOXA 通过有效地处理各种音乐流派的声音来提供多功能性,如预设所示。 当应用于钢琴、键盘和合成器等乐器时,它也表现出了卓越的效果。 因此,我们也强烈建议在这些仪器上使用它。

通常,获得正确的声音涉及均衡器、压缩、饱和度以及可能的其他音频处理技术的平衡组合。 然而,Acustica 和 Salvatore Addeo 的新 Voxa 插件非常接近为此提供简化的解决方案。

同样,用户界面也简单得惊人。 本质上,有一个大的 MIX 旋钮用于控制主要“产生”效果的强度,一个并行(干湿)控制,四个较小的旋钮用于调整输入输出增益量并设置高通和低通 通过截止频率和最后但并非最不重要的 4 个珍贵按钮来激活不同的模式/预设。

VOXA的目标是将普通的人声录音转变为顶级热门歌曲i。 Salvatore Addeo 借鉴了他在录音室的专业知识,精心设计了量身定制的设置,以实现这种完美的声音。

由多白金获奖工程师 Salvatore Addeo 创建。


MIX 旋钮结合了复杂的均衡器、压缩、饱和链等。







Acustica and the team at Improve your Mix, the number one Pro Audio portal in Italy, have joined forces with one of the best Italian mixing engineers Salvatore Addeo to create VOXA, the perfect easy-to-use tool to instantly improve your vocals, make them shine, add richness, presence, breath, and detail.

Inside VOXA, you’ll find Salvatore Addeo’s complete vocal processing chain, which he regularly utilizes. This chain has evolved and has been perfected over the years, encompassing various functionalities, all designed to emulate the unique sound he has cultivated during his 25-year career. VOXA is the right choice if you want instant results, it is the perfect Vocal processing plugin that can add sparkle to your vocals and bring the quietest details forward to help your vocal stand out in your mix.

VOXA offers versatility by working effectively with voices from various musical genres, as evident in the presets. It has also demonstrated exceptional results when applied to instruments like pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers. Therefore, we also highly recommend using it on these instruments as well.

How to achieve a more “produced” and polished vocal sound?
Usually, achieving the right sound involves a balanced combination of EQ, compression, saturation, and perhaps a touch of other audio processing techniques. However, Acustica’s and Salvatore Addeo’s new Voxa plug-in comes remarkably close to providing a simplified solution for this.

Again, the user interface is almost startlingly simple; in essence, there’s one large MIX knob that controls the strength of the main ‘produced’ effect, a Parallel (Dry-Wet) control, four smaller knobs that adjust the amount of input-output gain and set the High-pass and Low-pass cut-off frequencies and last but not least 4 precious buttons to activate different modes/presets.

The aim of VOXA is to transform an ordinary vocal recording into a top-tier hit song i. Salvatore Addeo, drawing from his studio expertise, has meticulously crafted settings tailored to achieve this vocal perfection.

Key Features
Created with Multi Platinum Winning Engineer Salvatore Addeo.

Give any vocal track a polished mixed sound—instantly.

The MIX knob combines complex EQ, compression, saturation chains and more.

Four different modes /presets.

Ideal for both lead and backing vocals in all genres (Pop, RnB, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Trap, Urban etc.).

Analog tones from a prestigious studio, boasting a British console sound.
Easy to use.

Low computer load.

Enhance vocal sources with superior voice quality.



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