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7弦金属电吉他 – Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Rogue KONTAKT


碎纸2 IBZ现在是碎纸3流氓!具有传奇的7弦吉他极具侵略性的声音,非常适合金属使用,现在已升级为尖端的S3引擎:更逼真的演奏,自定义关节映射,更好的编辑以及30多种内置FX(放大器,踏板) ,出租车和更多!)

《 Shreddage 3 Rogue》是Impact Soundworks吉他和贝斯乐器新世界的第一章。在创建此样本库时,我们借鉴了近十年的经验和客户对我们先前吉他的反馈。我们完全从零开始创建了一个新引擎-Shreddage 3(简称S3),并结合了最新的Kontakt技术和5.7版中可用的工具。


为了展示所有这些令人难以置信的功能,在无数的摇滚,布鲁斯,金属,流行音乐,灵魂乐和放克音轨中使用哪种经典吉他比美国经典音色更好? Rogue包括三个独特的拾音器位置,可自定义混合效果,此外,您还可以从Shreddage系列中获得所有关键的细节,这些细节都经过精心采样。
其中包括多个EQ(数字和模拟形式),压缩器,空间FX,调制FX,放大器,失真踏板,混响,以及为Shreddage 3录制的30多种自定义机柜IR的选择!这些驾驶室涵盖了您想要的所有最重要的声音,其中动感和电容式麦克风位于多个位置,某些型号还带有带状麦克风。
使用控制台,您可以轻松保存和加载项目甚至不同的Shreddage 3产品之间的FX链或预设。它还允许您在吉他拾音器之间混合和混合,如果需要,可以在每个拾音器上自定义插入。
Shreddage 3 Rogue包含TACT的更新版本,可让您自定义所有关节的映射和触发方式!每个人对于如何为虚拟吉他演奏或写作都有自己的偏好,并且使用TACT,您可以为DAW创建完美的设置。

Shreddage 2 IBZ is now Shreddage 3 Rogue! Featuring the ultra-aggressive sound of a legendary 7-string guitar ideal for metal, and now upgraded to the cutting-edge S3 Engine: more realistic performances, custom articulation mapping, better editing, and 30+ built-in FX (amps, pedals, cabs + more!)
Shreddage 3 Rogue is the first chapter in a new universe of Impact Soundworks guitar and bass instruments. In creating this sample library, we’ve drawn from nearly a decade of experience and customer feedback on our previous guitars. We created a new engine – Shreddage 3 (or S3, for short) – entirely from scratch, incorporating the latest Kontakt technology and tools available in version 5.7.
Our new fretting and voicing algorithms give you more realistic performances and playback than ever, emulating how a real guitarist would play a part. Changing these is as simple as selecting from a menu or pressing a keyswitch. A much-requested Strumming engine has been added, great for both slow and fast rhythm parts alike. And with our new modular mixer Console, you now have over 30 effects at your fingertips, from EQs to pedals, compressors, amps, cabinets, modulators, and more.
To showcase all these incredible features, what better guitar to sample than a classic American tone used in countless rock, blues, metal, pop, soul, and funk tracks? Rogue includes three unique pickup positions with custom blending along with all the key articulations you’ve come to expect from the Shreddage series sampled in exquisite detail.
Welcome to the next generation of virtual guitar instruments!
Console: Modular FX Rack and Mixer
Console is our new mixer, modular effects rack, and pedal board, designed to give you full control over your virtual guitar tone. Unlike our previous FX racks, which were limited to a small amount of preset modules, Console gives you 30 effects modules to choose from!
These include multiple EQs (digital and analog-style), compressors, spatial FX, modulation FX, amps, distortion pedals, reverbs, and a selection of over 30 custom cabinet IRs recorded just for Shreddage 3! These cabs cover all the most important sounds you would want, with both dynamic & condenser mics in multiple positions plus a ribbon mic for certain models.
Using Console, you can easily save and load FX chains or presets between projects or even different Shreddage 3 products. It also allows you to mix and blend between guitar pickups, with custom inserts on each if you’d like.
Total Articulation Control Technology (TACT) 2.0
Shreddage 3 Rogue includes an updated version of TACT, allowing you to customize how all articulations are mapped and triggered! Everyone has their own preferences for how to perform or write for virtual guitar, and with TACT you can create the perfect setup for your DAW.

– Pristine 24-bit recordings
– Sustains, powerchords, palm mutes
– Powerchord mutes, staccatos, powerchord staccatos
– Harmonics, pinch harmonics, tapping, FX
– Hammer-on/pull-off, portamento
– Fingered vibrato
– Unpitched & pitched release noises
– Rakes, muted chokes, DI line noise
– Over 30 new & custom cabinet IRs
– Cutting edge virtual guitarist engine
– Beautiful, expanded UI for easier editing
– New POLY INPUT feature for realistic chords
– Multiple fret & string voicing algorithms
– New STRUMMING tab for custom rhythm parts
– CONSOLE: Modular rack & mixer w/ 30+ FX
– Includes TACT 2.0 for articulation mapping
– 45 production-ready CONSOLE tone snapshots
Requirements: KONTAKT version 5.7 or higher

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