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独奏小提琴 – 8Dio Studio Quartet Series Deep Solo Violin KONTAKT-ohsie

ohsie | 26 May 2024 | 10.4 GB

8Dio SQS(工作室四重奏系列)独奏小提琴标志着我们采样的新飞跃。我们记录了当今最伟大的独奏小提琴家之一,BBC和其他管弦乐队的首席小提琴家,超深采样,88个发音范围从真正的复调连音到丰富的短音符选项,数十个基于速度的弧线,12个不同的固定音,以及基于表演的发音。在苏格兰首张录音室的受控工作室环境中录制,戈巴尔斯声音,小提琴被捕捉到令人难以置信的细节,并没有妥协利用两个双麦克风技术。这种组合方法可以让你自由地在直接信号和更宽敞的环境位置之间混合,使你能够准确地控制小提琴的位置和距离。

组织成六个独立的类别,每个包含的声音集提供了一系列的功能和播放风格,所有这些都很容易从内置的浏览器系统访问。独奏小提琴的特点是五个单独记录的连奏,使您能够在各种风格,速度,并有和没有静音(con sordino)。每一个主要的基于表演的Legatos也具有原始和音乐的色彩和动态变化,确保现场表演的纯粹和逼真的性质可以被准确地保留。凭借88个独立捕获的,多动态的,真实的发音,您可以访问创建超越现实主义的音乐所需的所有工具。

– 88个关节和超过20,000个样本
– 3高级真复调Legatos
– 18类型的短笔记
– 25种弯曲弧线和弧线FX
– 12种固定音和16种表演艺术
– 11.61 gb
– Kontakt 5.8.1(或更高版本)需要完全零售
– Kontakt Player版本在[Modern Scoring Bundle through Native Instruments](https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/komplete/8dio-offer-2024/)中提供,直到2024年5月27日
-制作费用:95 000美元


整个工作室系列允许您加载您的特定项目所需的理想的关节集。您可以自定义键开关并保存自定义补丁以便以后快速访问。共有88种演奏风格和发音,分为6个核心类别:short, long, bow, bow FX, Measured和Performance。有了每个关节包含的单独补丁,您可以准确地加载您的工作流所需的内容。

深独奏小提琴提供了大量的完全节奏同步的模式和短短语,包括流畅的Portato段落,detach<e:1>,测量的颤音等等。性能类别提供了多个Tuplet, Triplet, Swing和jet<s:1> (riccoch<s:1>)短语,所有这些短语都具有各种动态和循环重复。

随着传统的管弦乐发音,深独奏小提琴冒险进入更深奥的,引人注目的,和诱人的独奏弦乐声音唤起的领域。我们还包括一个深度范围的Con Sordino(静音)发音与各种短音符,动态弓,渐强,和一个流体真正的连奏。



需要Kontakt v5.8.1+


The 8Dio SQS (Studio Quartet Series) Solo Violin marks a new leap in sampling for us. We recorded one of the greatest solo violinists alive today, a principal violinist of the BBC and other orchestras, ultra-deep-sampled with 88 articulations ranging from true polyphonic legato to a wealth of short-note options, dozens of velocity-based arcs, twelve different Ostinatos, and performance-based articulations. Recorded in a controlled studio environment at Scotland’s Premiere Recording Studio, Gorbals Sound, the Violin was captured in incredible detail and without compromise utilizing two dual-microphone techniques. This combined method allows you to freely blend between a direct signal and a more spacious and ambient position, enabling you to control the positioning and distance of the Violin accurately.

Organized into six separate categories, each of the included sound-sets offers a range of features and playing styles, all easily accessible from the in-built browser system. The Solo Violin features five individually recorded Legato articulations enabling you to play in a variety of styles, speeds, and with and without a mute (con sordino). Each of the main performance-based Legatos also features original and musical coloration and dynamic changes, ensuring the pure and lifelike nature of the live performance can be accurately preserved. With eighty-eight independently captured, multi-dynamic, and authentically sounding articulations, you have access to all the tools you need to create music that goes beyond realism.

– Ultra Deep-Sampled Virtuoso Solo Violin
– 88 Articulations and over 20,000 samples
– 3 Advanced True Polyphonic Legatos
– 18 Type of Short Notes
– 25 Types of Bowing Arcs and Arc FX
– 12 Types of Ostinato & 16 Performance Arts
– 11.61GB
– Microphone Control Near & Ambient Microphones
– Tempo Synced Performance & Measured Articulations
– Kontakt 5.8.1 (or later) Full Retail Required
– Kontakt Player version available in [Modern Scoring Bundle through Native Instruments](https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/komplete/8dio-offer-2024/) until May 27th, 2024
– Delivered by Download
– Production costs: $95,000

The entire Studio Series allows you to load the ideal set of articulations needed for your specific project. You can customize key switches and save your custom patches for quick access later. There are eighty-eight playing styles and articulations organized into six core categories: Shorts, Longs, Bowed, Bowed FX, Measured, and Performance. With the included individual patches for each articulation, you can load exactly what you need for your workflow.

The Deep Solo Violin offers a vast collection of fully tempo-synchronized patterns and short phrases, including fluid Portato passages, Detaché, measured tremolo, and more. The Performance category offers multiple Tuplet, Triplet, Swing, and Jeté (Riccochét) phrases, all with various dynamics and round-robin repetitions.

Along with traditional orchestral articulations, The Deep Solo Violin ventures into the more esoteric, compelling, and enticingly evocative realm of solo string sounds. We have also included a deep range of Con Sordino (Muted) Articulations with a variety of short notes, Dynamic Bowings, Crescendos, and a fluid True Legato.


Wallpaper included for nicnt file creation

Kontakt v5.8.1+ required

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